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Ecology of ants. Ant Mosaics and Dominance. Ants` role in ecosystems. 40-60% of all animal biomass predation & scavenging. Ants` role in ecosystems. niche diversification structuring the invertebrate community. Community ecology of ants. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Ecology of antsAnt Mosaics and Dominance

  • Ants` role in ecosystems40-60% of all animal biomasspredation & scavenging

  • Ants` role in ecosystemsniche diversificationstructuring the invertebrate community

  • Community ecology of antsconvenient model organismsmodular, sessile organismsparallel with plants

  • Ant Functional GroupsAndersen 1986parallel to Grime`s classification

  • Dominant Dolichoderinae

    Subordinate Camponotini Generalized Myrmicinae

  • Ant Mosaicsgroups of particular co-occurring ant species

    specific functional groups

    positive & negative associations

  • Nigeria /Taylor 1975/

    negative associations positive associations

  • abundance

  • Ant Dominancespace and food resources monopolizationdifferent types of dominance:

    1. Ecological2. Behavioural3. Numerical

  • Ant Dominancecca. 150 of 12 000 species referred as dominant

    Dolichoderinae Formicinae Myrmicinae

  • Ant Dominancetrophobiosisarboreal antsnitrogen gained from lower trophic levels

  • Ant Dominance

    PCA, 53% ax1+ax2

  • Cluster analysisWard`s methodEuclidean distances4 groups of dominant ants distinguished

  • Phylogeny vs Environment Environment 0,043 Phylogeny