ecosystem thinking and the vacation rental industry

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  • Ecosystem Thinking & The VR Industry

    VR Pro Day, Hawaii December 8, 2016

    by Chris Heuer

  • In Digital, Connected World, Intention Matters


    Those who are family, and those you choose to call your family.

    As a value, Ohana is a human circle of complete Aloha.

  • My Family: Then and now

  • My Digital Ohana

  • My Ohana My Global Ohana

  • Ecosystem Thinking

    Co-creating shared value for the world by empathetically approaching all stakeholder relationships with positive intentions that go beyond concern for the transaction.

  • Ecosystem: Traditional Definition

    The word was coined in the 1930s by British botanist Arthur Tansley to refer to a localized community of living organisms interacting with each other and their particular environment of air, water, mineral soil, and other elements. These organisms influence each other, and their terrain; they compete and collaborate, share and create resources, and coevolve; and they are inevitably subject to external disruptions, to which they adapt together.

    Business Ecosystems Come of Age. Deloitte University Press, 2015

  • Ecosystem: Modern Business Definition

    Successful businesses are those that evolve rapidly and effectively. Yet innovative businesses can't evolve in a vacuum. They must attract resources of all sorts, drawing in capital, partners, suppliers, and customers to create cooperative networks. . . . I suggest that a company be viewed not as a member of a single industry but as part of a businessecosystem that crosses a variety of industries. In a business ecosystem, companies co-evolve capabilities around a new innovation: They work cooperatively and competitively to support new products, satisfy customer needs, and eventually incorporate the next round of innovations.

    James Moore - 1993 Harvard Business Review article

  • The Vacation Rental Ecosystem

    Marketplaces: HomeAway & VRBO

    Service Providers Real Estate Professionals Construction / Contractors Insurance Cleaning Companies Photographers Marketing Agents Lawyers Accountants

    Partners Property Owners Property Managers Property Management Companies Software Vendors

    Media Journalists Media Producers Travel Media Analysts

    Civic Sector

    Travelers The Local Economy Local/State/Federal Government Tourism Boards Neighbors HOA's Garbage / Utilities

    and also includes?

  • There is no spoon.

  • Radical Stakeholder Centricity

  • 12


  • Behavior =

    Knowledge Persona

    Formula for Customer / Stakeholder Success

  • Crafting Authentic Personas, Planing the Journey

  • Balance harmony, fishes eating one another, predator

    over fishing

    Co-existing in Harmony

  • Taking the Long Term View

  • With the rise of digital media, knowledge isfree, though diplomasare not

  • Getting Things Right is Now the Price of Admission

  • Give a Hand-Up to Those Who Follow

  • Growth oriented mindset, beneficial to all

  • Case Study

  • Friendly Competition

  • Stronger Together

  • Markets Are Experiences as much as Transactions

  • Trust Insights Attention Data Stories

    Labor More $ in, less $ out Loyalty

    Markets Are Ecosystems Based on the Flow of Value

  • The Real Time, On Demand Economy

  • The Quickest to Adapt Wins

  • A successful ecosystem is one that is intentionally designed for Alignment, Agility and Accountability.

  • The Strongest Ecosystems Win

  • What is Ecosystem Thinking?

    Co-creating shared value with and for all stakeholders, helping each to achieve their full potential.You are better off, if everyone is better off. We are all connected.

  • What can you do to support a healthy VR Ecosystem?

  • Stand Together Share KnowledgeSupport Others Speak Up & Out

  • Think of our industry as an ecosystem, don't pollute it, nurture it with us and it may grow as beautiful and lushas the islands of Hawaii.

  • Chris HeuerEcosystem Architect