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IKLAN INI TELAH DILULUSKAN OLEH JABATAN PERUMAHAN NEGARADeveloper: Eco Majestic Development Sdn Bhd (1079086-W). Developer’s License: 1: 19150-2/09-2020/02723(L); 2: 19150-1/09-2020/02662(L); 3: 19150-4/09-2020/02738(L); 4: 19150-3/09-2020/02964(L). Validity Period: 22/09/2019-21/09/2020. Advertising & Sales Permit: 1: 19150-2/09-2020/02723(P); 3: 19150-4/09-2020/02738(P); 4: 19150-3/09-2020/02964(P). Validity Period: 22/09/2019-21/09/2020. Land Tenure: Freehold. Approving Local Authority: Majlis Perbandaran Kajang. Expected Date of Completion: Sep 2020. Land Encumbrances: Public Bank Berhad. Restriction in Interest: Nil. Type of Property: Terrace House. Total Units: 1: 212 units; 2: 94 units; 3: 230 units; 4: 149 units. Building Plan Ref No.: 1: Size: 20’x65’, MPKJ 2/P/21/2017, RM777,400 (min) – RM1,080,300 (max). Size: 20’x70’, MPKJ 2/P/21/2017, RM868,400 (min) – RM1,150,500 (max). Size: 22’x70’, MPKJ 2/P/21/2017, 907,400 (min) – RM1,198,600 (max); 2: Size: 30’x62’, MPKJ 2/P/22/2017, RM 1,050,400 (min) – RM1,224,600 (max). Size: 30’x62’, MPKJ 2/P/22/2017, RM 969,800 (min) – RM 1,132,300 (max); 3: Size: 20’x65’, MPKJ 2/P/23/2017, RM 816,400 (min) – RM 1,103,700 (max). Size: 20’x70’, MPKJ 2/P/23/2017, RM 884,000 (min) – 1,193,400 (max). Size: 22’x70’, MPKJ 2/P/23/2017, RM 881,400 (min) – RM 1,167,400 (max); 4: Size: 30’x62’, MPKJ 2/P/24/2017, RM 1, 063,400 (min) – RM1, 225,900 (max). Size: 30’x62’, MPKJ 2/P/24/2017, RM 1,060, 800 (min) – RM1,199,900 (max). Bumiputera Discount: 7%.

All art renderings and photographs contained in this circular are artist’s impression only. The Developer reserves the right to modify any part of parts of the building prior to completion as directed or approved by the architects and/or the relevant authorities. All plans, layout, information and specifications are subject to change and cannot form part of an offer or contract presentation.