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  • Ed Bujold, MD, AAFPPractice Website: www.bujoldmd.com

  • 300,000 Sports related concussions occur each year

  • Football and Soccer have the highest rates of concussion

    High school girls sustain a higher incidence of concussions

  • Concussions among females represented a greater portion of total injuries compared to boys

    Concussions are the 2nd most common traumatic brain injury after motor vehicle accidents in adolescents and children

  • In North Carolina, 1/3-1/2 of the high schools arent staffed with certified athletic trainers. Concussions are under reported among high school football players

  • Did not think it was serious enough-66%

    Did not want to leave a game-41%

    Did not know it was a concussion-36%

    Did not want to let down teammates-22%

  • 70-90% of concussions are mild

    Less than 10% of concussions cause LOC

    Taken individually the problem may seem minor or trivialized

  • Parental ExpectationsThe Madison Bumgarner/Ryan Succop Syndrome.

  • Crucial to get backing from the high school principal, coaching staff and school superintendent

    Discussion with parents before the start of the season including written protocols

    Stepping outside of the system-expert 2nd opinion

  • Break down of the brains autoregulation system

    Leakage of fluid into the substance of the brain

    Escalating pressure, the brain pushes through a small opening onto the brain stem resulting in death