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EDEN regional meeting in Jurmala, Latvia. My ideas about collaborative storytelling activities.


  • 1. EDEN Regional Meeting Jurmala 24 of May 2012Storytelling in Social MediaAivar Ruukelwww.soomaa.com

2. EDEN Storytelling Flower 3. Find Your Storytellers! 4. Find Your Storytellers!Local People StoriesTravellers Stories OFFLINEONLINE 5. EDEN Storytelling Cycle 6. Gathering stories+ Finding online and offline+ Selecting / filtering+ Editing 7. Publish stories online+ Collaborative EDEN blog+ Flickr Group+ Youtube Channel+ EDEN Page in Facebook 8. Facebook 9. Share on social media+ Facebook+ Twitter+ Google++ Pinterest 10. Twitter #edeneurope 11. Google+ 12. Pinterest 13. Participate in conversations+ Answer questions+ Ask questions+ Connect and rewardyour online audience 14. EDEN Collaboration Team of EDEN local editors Agreed Themes Publishing Calendar Coordination from project leader Learning by doing 15. EDEN Themes 16. What do you think?Questions please! 17. Thank you!Contacts:aivar.ruukel@gmail.com skype: aivarruukeltwitter: ruukel