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Mother Nature’s Foods Edible Flowers For Your Natural Health

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  1. 1. Mother Natures Foods Edible Flowers For Your Natural Health
  2. 2. Did You Know That Many Flowers Are Edible And Have Real Health Benefits? Generations Of People Have Been Eating These Edible Treats For Years!
  3. 3. Edible Flowers High In Vitamins And Minerals Marigolds, Portulacas, Purslanes, Roses, Dandelions And Chives Are Rich In Vitamin C
  4. 4. Dandelion Greens Are Full Of Healthy Minerals like Phosphorous, Calcium, And Iron To Build Strong Bones, Reduce Cholesterol And Inflammation, And Help Control Weight And Boost Metabolism
  5. 5. Elderberry Blooms And Calendula Blooms Help With Digestion, Bloating, Cramping, Constipation, And Irregularity Goldenrod Blooms Also Help With Digestion, Sooth Urinary Tract Infections And Even Relieve Allergies All Of These Flowers Can Be Eaten In Salads, Made Into Teas, In Baked Goods, Or As A Garnish For Main Courses
  6. 6. Stress And Sleep Aids Vibrant California Poppies, Soft Chamomile Blooms, And Lavender Are Well-Known Sleep And Stress Aids They Come In Oils, Teas, Lotions, Drops, Medications, And Even Bath Soaps They Are A Delicious And Natural Way To Unwind At The End Of A Long Day
  7. 7. Detox Aids The Hibiscus Flower Contains Anti-Aging Antioxidants That Can Prevent Cholesterol Deposits, Support Cell Health, And Reduce The Risk Of Cancer And Inflammation
  8. 8. Pain Relievers Honeysuckle And Hyssop Flowers Relieve Respiratory Problems And Soothe Pain In The Stomach And Colon Mullein Flowers Help With The Same Problems As Well As Headaches And Other Common Body Aches
  9. 9. Antibiotic And Anti-Inflammatory Aids Nasurtiums Contain Natural Antibiotic Properties For Fighting Infection And Bacteria Red Clover Blooms Are An Effective Blood Purifier And Can Be Consumed In Tea Form
  10. 10. Violets And Violas Contain Anti-Inflammatory Properties That Helps Relaxation And Soothes Symptoms Of Fevers And Colds
  11. 11. Look For Recipes Salads, Teas, Baked Goods, Jellies And Jams, Breads, Stir-Fry, Roasts And Other Dishes Can Include These Delicious And Natural Additions
  12. 12. Consume Responsibly Make Sure That Any Specific Flowers Are Safe For Consumption Before Eating
  13. 13. You Can Buy Organic Edible Flowers At Your Local Farmers Markets, Your Grocery Stores Produce Section, or Order Them Online. Make Sure They Ship Overnight For Optimal Freshness! You Can Even Grow Your Own. However, Learn The Proper Method Of Food Safety.