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Edible Landscape. By Jordin Tafoya. Purpose. To design a landscape that is: -Beautiful -Thoughtful -Productive. Requirements. Budget: $5,000 6-10 hours to complete design process All plants must be edible. Ideate: Plants. Prickly pear cactus Mint Brussels Sprouts Watermelon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Edible Landscape

Edible LandscapeBy Jordin Tafoya

PurposeTo design a landscape that is:-Beautiful-Thoughtful-Productive

RequirementsBudget: $5,0006-10 hours to complete design processAll plants must be edible

Ideate: PlantsPrickly pear cactusMintBrussels SproutsWatermelonGreen OnionsSquashCucumbersEgg PlantCilantroRosemaryElderberry

The plants that I chose were

Prickly pear cactusYou can make:JamCandyWineCakesMedicines

MintUses are:SyrupCleaningAdding flavor

WatermelonGood for cardiovascular and bone healthMostly fiber and water, so you will not gain weight

CucumbersOne provides most of the vitamins you need daily:Vitamins B1,2,3,5,6Folic AcidVitamin CCalciumIronMagnesiumPhosphorusPotassiumZinc

ElderberryUsed for medicineCold & FluSwine FluBoosting the immune systemSinus painLeg pain

UnderstandWhere will the garden/landscape be located?In a residential backyardHow will the local climate and soil conditions impact the design of the edible landscape?Because certain plants require certain weather conditions like rain and moist soil, which New Mexico does not have.UnderstandHas a budget been established for the project?$5,000What is your schedule for completion?6-10 hours for completing the design phasesIdeate: IrrigationUnderground water systemWould cost a lot of moneySprinklersDrip systemMore for smaller plants than largerYou would have to have something holding the strips upFish pondGood for getting nutrients to the plants

Ideate: Drainage SystemAll the extra water can run down to the pondUnderground pipes

Design Ideas:Landscape

Final DesignReasons for choice:

Most visually appealingHas best irrigationHas room for other backyard furniture

Prototype: Cake

Prototype MaterialsSour Patch Watermelon (Watermelon)

Wintergreen Tic Tacs (Cucumber)

Berry Skittles (Elderberry)

Green peppermints (Mint)

Airheads (Prickly pear cactus)

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