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Patti Golden Google Tips


  • 1. Top Ten Tipsfor Educators
    Patti Golden
    EDUC 5611
    Dr. Anne Wall
    February 5, 2010

2. #10
This tool will give you a list of all the password information stored in Google Chrome.
ChromePass v1.05 Copyright (c) 2008 NirSoferWeb site:
Senior Moments can happen at the most unexpected and unwelcome times. With ChromePass, you will never need to click the button Forgot your password? You will have access to a password recovery tool that stores the user names and passwords saved in Google Chrome Web browser. Never lose another password!
3. #9
Check your email.
Keep your email right at your fingertips with Gmail for mobile.
Have access to important emails without having to log in to a web account.
4. #8
Find out information easily while on the go.
This tool brings the power of Google into a text message. Text your query to Google (466453spells Google on your phone) to get the answer texted back right away.
5. #7
Keep a to-do list on your phone.
Use Google Tasks for mobile to access your to-do list any timeand check off what youve finished, too. You can stay organized without having to be at the computer.
Google Mobile applications
Just go to from your mobile browser to get started.
6. #6
Search full text.
Google Books offers full text for over 10,000 books, providing an excellent resource for some quick last-minute research or finding a book to read over lunch.
As you search, add books you find interesting to your library.
Create your own bookshelves to organize your collection. Rate books and write reviews.
Know the top ten books to learn Russian? Share a bookshelf with the world or just let friends know what you are reading.
7. #5
Customize reminders.
Set reminders in your Google Calendar to remind you of meetings, appointments, and other important events. Personal choice of email, pop-up, or SMS reminders and when the reminder comes.
Share your scheduleLet your family and friends see your calendar, and view schedules that others have shared with you.
Get your calendar on the goAccess your calendar from your phone using its built-in calendar or mobile browser.
Never forget another eventGet event reminders via email or have text messages sent right to your mobile phone.
8. #4
Never forget to attach a file. Google Labs can save you time and embarrassment withthe Forgotten Attachment Detector. This feature detects if you have mentioned something about an attachment in the body of the email, but are trying to send without actually attaching anything.
9. #3
Make a study group with Google Groups. Google Groups allows you to communicate and collaborate in groups, so take this option to set up a study group that doesnt have to meet face-to-face.
This tool would provide an excellent medium for a School Counselor to communicate with both students and parents.
10. #2
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Click "Show Options" on your search result page to have access to tools that will help you filter and refine your results.
In addition to saving time by providing more meaningful results, the Wonder Wheel offers access to an even more focused search.
11. #1
Google Desktop.
Keep a clock, weather, news stories, Google search box, and more all within easy reach when you use Google Desktop.
Never feel like you are out-of-touch again, even if you dont have time to watch the news in the evening.
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