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  • 1. About the Show A warm and humorous exploration of what it's like to grow up or work in a secondary school in the heart of a diverse northern community. An observational documentary with two series.

2. Audience Effects Emotional for cast and therefore the audience Humorous/ light-hearted Informative of the realities of teaching Relatable- to teenagers, parents, teachers, etc. Appealing to a range of ages. 3. Stylistic Features Features Effect Narrator introduces programme, whilst highlights of the series are shown on screen Montage entices audience, draws them in to the humour/emotion After a short introduction with music and fast paced clips, the documentary title is shown on its own with the episode name Introduces them to the episode A few external camera shots to show the setting, then main clip begins. Usually a voiceover explaining where they are and whats happening. Also informing which characters are involved in the scene, sometimes a hashtag. Allows the audience to become familiar with the setting of which the rest of the series is set. The hashtag is for the audience to become involved with feedback of the documentary and creates publicity. 4. Stylistic Features Features Effects Voiceover introduces a main character, then a short background of them is given through a short interview with that character. You can hear but do not see the interviewer. The characters name and role is shown on the bottom of the screen. Allows the audience to experience who the main characters are and become familiarised with them. The type of music or editing can effect the way the audience immediately feel about the character. The rest of the episode consists of footage of the characters within the school and interviews with them. Shows first parts of scenes then revisits them later in the episode, usually ends the episode with something humorous. The documentary becomes more observational, the audience become in touch with the characters as they follow them through exams etc. which allows the audience to relate to the characters. Ending the programme with something humorous allows it to become memorable.