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<p> REV. 1.22.18 </p> <p>Educator Preparation Program </p> <p>College of Education </p> <p>Educator Preparation Program </p> <p>MAT Educator Preparation Program Statement </p> <p>The preparation of school professionals is a complex process. Prospective educators must acquire a body of </p> <p>general knowledge, professional knowledge, and content-specific knowledge. The Professional Education </p> <p>Program at North Carolina A&amp;T State University is committed to the development of educators who are aware </p> <p>of diverse populations in their communities, who appropriately use and interpret assessment data to guide future </p> <p>decision making, who engage in the skillful art of reflection to transform thinking and practice, and who use </p> <p>various forms of technology to manage instruction and assessment. </p> <p>Admission to the University and a content area program does NOT automatically guarantee formal admission </p> <p>to the Educator Preparation Program. All MAT students are required to complete formal admission </p> <p>requirements during the first semester of enrollment at the North Carolina A&amp;T State University. Specifically, </p> <p>MAT students must complete the following: </p> <p>1. Purchase and create a TaskStream (( account </p> <p>2. Complete the Dispositions Survey </p> <p>3. Complete an Application for Admission to Educator Preparation Program </p> <p>4. Read and sign the Notification and Acknowledgment of Criminal Background Form </p> <p>5. Successfully complete the Educator Preparation Interview </p> <p>6. Maintain 2.8 GPA </p> <p>Failure to complete Educator Preparation Program formal admission requirements during the first semester of </p> <p>enrollment may result in the students inability to register for professional core courses. </p> <p> Have you ever had a teaching certificate or license revoked or suspended by a state or other governing </p> <p>body? Yes No </p> <p>If yes, submit a statement to the Deans Office (380 Proctor Hall) providing full details and official </p> <p>documentation of the action taken. </p> <p> Have you ever been charged with a crime (excluding minor traffic violations) Yes No </p> <p>If yes, please submit a letter of explanation and a certified copy of the court proceeding to the Deans Office </p> <p>(380 Proctor Hall). Failure to answer truthfully could prohibit recommendation for licensure. </p> <p>By signing below, the student acknowledges understanding of the content of this document, consequences </p> <p>of violations, and responsibilities to seek formal admission to the Educator Preparation Program. </p> <p>Students Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ________________________ </p> <p>Students Printed Full Name: _____________________________________________________________ </p> <p> This document should be completed and submitted with your application for admission to any MAT </p> <p>ram. </p> <p></p>


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