edupunk - possible in higher education? web 2.0 technologies in higher education

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  • 1.EduPunk - possible in Higher Educationenvironments?Web 2.0 technologies in Higher EducationMartin Ebner

2. Aida - Second Life 3. Technology enhanced Learning 4. uLearning 5. Its not about matching traditional models with existing tools anymore;Its about developing a brand-newpedagogical model and implementing the Next generation Web environment upon it.Antonio Fumero, 2006 6. Future? 7. Mobile Learning? 8. Jim Groom coined for the first timeEduPunk 9. Edupunk is an approach to teaching andlearning practices that result from a do ityourself (DIY) attitude. Many instructionalapplications can be described as DIYeducation or Edupunk. It describes inventiveteaching and inventive learning 10. EduPunk definition (Stephen Downes, 2008): - As a reaction against the commercialization of learning - To symbolize the do-it-yourself of educational technology - Thinking for yourself instead of being told what to think and learning for yourself instead of being told what to learn 11. Do we need EduPunk to enhance our Edcuation? 12. creativity / individuality / collaboration? 13. University - the closed castle? 14. Mobility 15. Future of Learning from a technical perspective 16. Learning in times of abundance 17. ... is not only personalized content, it have to be the personalization of thelearning process 18. CommunityCollaboration Individuality 19. yanlo umnoH ech T g inrnL ea 20. yanlo umnoH ech T g inrnL ea 21. Devices of Today 22. Surface Computing 23. Wearable future devices 24. yanlo umnoH ech T g inrnL ea 25. > 400 Millionen User 200 Millarden Pageviews / Monatca. 30.000 Server2-3 Millarden Fotos / Monatseit Ende 2009 in der Gewinnzone (Umsatz 550 Mio. US-$) 26. Microblogging (Twitter) 27. Real Time Collaboration Google WaveQik Etherpad 28. yanlo umnoH ech T g inrnL ea 29. World of Apps? 30. Personal Learning Environment 31. 32. Interactive masseducation 33. The future is DIGITAL .... 34. Learning environment of the future - ... has to support the individual learning needs of the learners (PLE) - ... has to support the lecturers as well - ... has to consider the Web as communication and collaboration environment 35. Learning and teachingshould not depend on technology - it should happen amongst using it. 36. Grab and Search yourTweets http://grabeeter.tugraz.atSlides available at: SOCIAL LEARNINGComputer and Information ServicesGraz University of Technology Graz University of TechnologyMartin Ebner mebner


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