eeos 120 introduction to environmental, earth and ocean sciences

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  • EEOS 120Introduction to Environmental, Earth and Ocean Sciences

  • Human Population Over Time billion people2040-projected 9 billion people

  • News

  • IntroductionWho are weGoals of the CourseContentConceptsSkillsLearningSyllabusPolicies

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  • Are you a..?(A) Freshman(B) Sophomore(C) Junior(D) Senior(E) Other

  • Are you a . ?(A) EEOS major(B) other College of Science & Math major(C) College of Liberal Arts major(D) College of Management or Nursing major(E) Other

  • My age is:(A) 45

  • Environmental, Earth and Ocean Sciences (EEOS)EEOS is an interdisciplinary department that integrates the natural and social sciences to generate and apply new knowledge about the quality of our environment and the sustainable use of its resources. It focuses on promoting integrated science, planning, policy, and education for understanding earth-system processes and managing the impacts of urbanization on linked watershed and coastal marine systems

  • Pre-EvaluationTo see what you learn during this course, I need to know what you already know

  • Index CardName 3 ways land affects coastal watersName 3 ways the ocean affects the landName 3 ways you affect the environmentName 3 ways the environment affects you

  • Readingwww.mwra.comHarbor and BayBoston HarborState of the Harbor Report (2005)1996 state of the Harbor Report

  • Scientific MethodBoston Harbor ObservationQuestion?HypothesisTesting the hypothesisNew HypothesisexperimentResultConclusion

  • Boston HarborLinked Watershed-Coastal Marine Systems

  • HomeworkPlease photocopy your ID card photo and write your name, major, and hometown on a 8 x 11 sheet of paper.(I would like to attempt to learn all of your names and faces)

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