effective presentations.  practice delivering an effective presentation  determine ways to...

Download Effective Presentations.  Practice delivering an effective presentation  Determine ways to manage tension and anxiety  Discuss effective presentation

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The Power of Collaboration

Effective Presentations

Practice delivering an effective presentationDetermine ways to manage tension and anxiety Discuss effective presentation techniques Improve your ability to design and develop Increase the effectiveness of your presentation delivery skillsExplore ways to handle difficult questions and peopleObserve, give, and receive feedback on presentations

Learning Objectives

Coping with Stage Nervousness

Dry mouthTight throatSweaty handsCold handsShaky handsNauseaFast pulseShaky kneesTrembling lips4

Coping Skills for Nervousness Symptoms Strategies4(5 Minutes)The Total Impact of the Effective Communication

_______ % Words________ % Tone of Voice________ % Body Language________ Total

Effective Presentation Techniques

The Total Impact of the Effective Communication

_7 % Words__ 38 % Tone of Voice__ 55 % Body Language__ 100 % Total

Effective Presentation Techniques

Communication SkillsEffective Eye ContactVoiceGesturesFacial ExpressionsVerbal SkillsKnowing the StagePractice Stage MovementEquipment Set-Up


Presentation Techniques

7(5 Minutes) Eye contact 4 to 5 seconds per person max.Gestures: Fig Leaf, Parade Rest, Podium Clutch, Stern Father, Pocket Distractions (skirts/pants, change)Stage Movement: use your space!First and Last Impressions: Appearance, Manners, Openers and ClosersPreparing for the Presentation

PlanningHandoutsVisual AidsPracticingSpeakers Notes Designing an Informative PresentationAnalyze

Design an Outline

Develop Content

PracticePurpose or objective Who is the Audience?Topic or SubjectSetting and Environment

IntroductionMain BodyConclusion

Specific facts, data and examplesVisual AidsSpeaking notes

When and howSummaryEngagingEnergyEducated on TopicEnthusiasmEmotionEnlightening Ending The 7 Es of an Effective PresentationBenefits of a Question and Answer SegmentThank You Sophia BrooksGlobal Learning Partners, Incwww.sophiabrooks.comGiving Feedback15Managing the AudienceQuestions & AnswersMiddle vs. End

Repeat the Question

Always say Thank You

Beware of Labels

TimingHandoutsBeginning vs. End15(3 Minutes) Middle vs. End: Depends on type of presentation. Teaching middle, Information/Persuasion at endRepeat so every one hears, and you clarify understanding before answering.Labels: (Great Question) If you do label, be sure to label for allHandouts at beginning: allow time to page through them.

Daily vitamins and minerals Raw fresh fruits and vegetablesLess red meat, more white meatDrink more water dailyExercise dailyImprove flexibility (stretch) Reduce tobacco and alcoholVery Light meal before a presentation/meetingAvoid carbonated or dairy-based beverages 16Energy and Nutrition16(60 Seconds)