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Effective Ways to proactively manage Bullying. Presented by: Marissa Rex Professional School Counselor. Background Information. Marissa Rex Professional School Counselor Hiawatha Elementary School Toledo, OH 2 nd Year as School Counselor Additional License: Early Childhood Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Exciting School-Wide Programming in an Elementary School Setting How to Make Your School a "Model School"

Effective Ways to proactively manage

BullyingPresented by:Marissa RexProfessional School Counselor

Background InformationMarissa RexProfessional School CounselorHiawatha Elementary SchoolToledo, OH2nd Year as School CounselorAdditional License: Early Childhood EducationChi Sigma Iota (Alpha Chapter) President at Ohio University

Hiawatha Elementary, Washington Local Schools340 Students50% labeled as Economically DisadvantagedSchool closure in the districtDistrict lines changed---1/3 of our students reassigned, gained slightly more

Washington Local Schools Definition of BullyingDefinition:IntentionalVerbal, Physical, Cyber, RelationalHas happened before (aggressor targeting this student)Causes physical or mental harmSevere, persistent, pervasiveCreates an intimidating, threatening, or abusive educational environment for the target

How I describe it to my students:Over and over again, same people, on purpose, hurt

School Counseling ServicesIndividual CounselingFormative AssessmentPlayGamesArtSandtray

Every 1-2 weeksEvery monthAs needed

Counseling notification form

ServicesSmall Group CounselingGamesTeam-BuildingChallengesHappy cup, sad cup

Every week, 6-8 weeksEvery week, rotating group

Counseling notification formCounseling permission form

ServicesClassroom-Based Counseling (lessons/units)Menu of servicesK-6Sample lessonsPrimary (K-2)Intermediate (3-6+)

3 lesson unit1 lesson per month1 lesson unit

ServicesStaff Professional DevelopmentJim Bisenius techniques

ServicesStaff Professional DevelopmentStudent Bullying Video

ServicesCounselor Mail2 letters per student each school year1 letter per classroom each weekDuring the last week, some classrooms get more (it keeps the Counselor Mail cycle even)Includes: Hand-written letterWord search, funny picture, etc.Reminders during Monday announcements

ServicesMonthly NewsletterMessageDescription of Counseling ServicesWeb ResourceHelpful HintsBook List (Monthly Topic)NewsEtc

ServicesQuarterly and Annual ReportsIndividual CounselingSmall GroupClassroom-BasedProfessional DevelopmentMeetingsMisc. TasksSummary

Overview of School-Wide ProgramsMain Programs:PAWS- Pride, Attitude, Work Habits, Self-ControlCooperative Games (Fall and Spring)Mix it Up at Lunch DaysNo Name-Calling Awareness WeekBully Free Awareness WeekBe the Change Day

Focus:Specifics of the ProgramsHow Hiawatha Organized the ProgramsRecognition and FeedbackHow to Apply for Awards

PAWS CardsGoal:Help students recognize their PAWSitive behaviorsMake connections between goodbehaviors and positive recognition

Reward System:Each month, we hold a drawing for students and teachers.Prizes are pencils, certificateGrand prize winners get a gift certificate to a book storeStudents Name: ________________

This student made a difference, showing excellence in



Work Habits


Cooperative GamesGoal:Improve school climate

How it Works:Divide students into groups (K-6)Play cooperative games Have picnic lunchFall and SpringStudent Leaders, 1 adult per group

Organization:PE teacher, volunteers, committee

Cooperative Games

Mix it Up at Lunch DaysGoal:Help students get to know each other on a more meaningful level.Improve school climate, students interactions

How it started:Teaching Tolerance websiteBuilding off Cooperative Games (Fall)Wanted to improve SWIS data


Sub-committee2 Groups (A and B)1 grade level per groupDivide students evenly among teachersUse the regular lunch scheduleStudents eat on their Mix it Up Day teachers schedule.Discuss with cafeteria managerWe did this on a one choice day for buyersPackers can take their lunches with them or you can line up lunch bins in the cafeteria based on regular classrooms

Wall of Intolerance

Classrooms created bricks

Wall under bricks was covered with class pictures and our districts core valuesCooperative Games/RecessBuilt on what we just did with Cooperative GamesOlder students are the leaders

Had to change schedule to lunch then recessRecess supervisors call out group numbers (room numbers) instead of grade level when recess is overThey all had a checklist of when groups arrived at recess and when they would need to be picked up

LunchStudents eat based on their Mix it Up Day teachers scheduleOur cafeteria manager was very willing to work with us on this programGive everyone plenty of notice!

Classroom TimeThe time during the lunch/recess block when a group is not at lunch or recess.11:50-1:15 (lunch/recess block)Groups most often have sandwiched timeClassroom Lunch Recess Classroom

No Name-Calling Awareness WeekGoal:Continue to improve and maintain building climate

Events:Classroom lessons (sign-up)Creative Expression ContestPicturesSongsSculpturesStoriesPoems

Bully Free Awareness WeekGoal:Continue to improve and maintain building climate

Events:Classroom lessonsDoor Decorating ContestStudent-drivenCelebration of each classrooms effort

Be the Change DayCurrently aimed at our intermediate studentsEventually we hope to incorporate this message in our school-wide efforts

Similar to a Challenge DayIf You Really Knew Mehttp://www.challengeday.org/mtv/

Provides students with an opportunity to get to know each other and break down barriers

SurveysJim Biseniushttp://bullyproofingyouth.com/ Code Survey: 1, 1v, 2, and 3Administer to K-6K-2 have alternative version (yes/no)K-1 complete one-on-one, 2 completes as a classResults to staff (as needed)

Refer to handout

SurveysCounselorDistrict-WideStaff complete an annual survey of their school counseling servicesZoomerangCan use a free survey system, such as Survey MonkeyAnalyze the results

Refer to handoutSurveysBullying (4-6)District-WideZoomerangStudents 4-6 completedComputer lab or mobile labAnalyzed results for staff meeting/bullying presentation

Refer to handout

District PoliciesAnonymous Reporting SystemBox on the wall, formAll students trainedHandout

Administrative Investigation FormPrimarily for principalsSchool counselor version for anonymous reporting

Recognition and FeedbackAwards (2009-2011)Model School Award (National)Promising Practice Award (State and National)2011 Honorable Mention State School of Character

Grant (2009-2010)Ohio School Counselor Association

Staff Feedback

How to Apply for Awards/GrantsModel School Awardhttp://www.tolerance.org/mix-it-up/model-schools Character Education PartnershipPromising Practice Awardhttp://www.character.org/applicationprocess State School of CharacterNational School of Characterhttp://www.character.org/nsocapplicationprocess

OSCA Granthttp://www.ohioschoolcounselor.org/Default.aspx?pageId=536895

Free Materials!Sesame Street Workshopwww.sesameworkshop.org/initiatives Teaching Tolerancewww.teachingtolerance.orgOperation Respecthttp://operationrespect.org/index.php Stop Bullying Now!www.stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov/kids

Other websites:www.storybird.comwww.pacerteensagainstbullying.orgwww.athinline.org www.stopcyberbullying.org/index2.htmlwww.schcounselor.com

ConclusionWhether you are a new counselor or a veteran, you can help proactively manage bullying!A positive attitude and strong work ethic goes a LONG way and can change peoples view of the counseling field.You do NOT have to do this alone!

Contact information:Marissa Rex(419) 473-8266mrex@wls4kids.org


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