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ContinentAfricaCapitalCairoCountry Area387,048 sq miles(30th)Population (2014)86,000,000(15th)CurrencyEgyptian PoundTime ZoneEET (UTC +2)DrivesRight HandDialing Code+20Popular Cities& Airports

Egyptian Railways

Egyptian Railways

Cairo Metro

The metro is run by the National Authority for Tunnels. The lines usestandard gauge(1435mm). The ticket price isEGP1.00 for each journey (aboutGBP0.10,EUR0.13, orUSD0.16, average exchange rate for December 2012), regardless of distance

Egypt Currency

Major AttractionsCAIRO

Tarir SquareCairo Tower

Major AttractionsCAIROCairo Museum

Giza, 20km southwest of Cairo, is the site of some of the most impressive and oldest (26th century BC) ancient monuments in the world, including a complex of ancient Egyptian royal mortuary and sacred structures, including theGreat Sphinx, theGreat Pyramids of Giza, a number of other large pyramids and temples, and Cairo's modern tower.Major AttractionsGIZA

Saqqara, some 30km south of Cairo is a vast, ancient burial ground which served as the necropolis for the Ancient Egyptian capital ofMemphis. It features numerous pyramids, including the world's oldest standing step pyramid, as well as a number ofmastabas.Major AttractionsMEMPHIS

Luxor, about 500km south of Cairo, is the site of the ancient city ofThebesand has sometimes been called "the world's greatest open air museum". It includes the ruins of the temple complexes atKarnakandLuxor, which stand within the modern city. On the opposite side of theNile Riverlie the monuments, temples and tombs on the West BankNecropolis, which include theValley of the KingsandValley of the Queens.Major AttractionsLUXOR

Abu Simbel, about 850km south of Cairo (near the Sudanese border) is anarchaeological sitecomprising two massive rocktemplesoriginally carved out of a mountainside during the reign ofPharaohRamesses II(13th century BC). The complex wasrelocatedin its entirety in the 1960s to avoid being submerged during the creation ofLake Nasser. They are now situated on an artificial hill made from a domed structure high above theAswan High Damreservoir.Major AttractionsABU SIMBLE

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