ekonomiska effekter och �marknadsföringsvärden av filmproduktion

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1. Ekonomiska effekter ochmarknadsforingsvarden av filmproduktionJoakim LindCloudberry Communications och bo Akademiden 20 november 2014Film som framtidsbransch,Scenkonstbolaget1 2. Sacco och kultur 3.0 innovation vlfrd hllbar utveckling social sammanhllning livslngt lrande lokal identitetFilm som framtidsbransch,ScenkonstbolagetKulturekonomJoakim Lind 3 3. Filmens och filmproduktionens makroekonomi Filmproduktionens direkta ochindirekta ekonomi Utveckling av kreativa nringarnaoch synergier mellanfilmproduktion och andra omrden branscher och kompetenser Marknadsfringsvrden ochplatsmarknadsfring Lokal identitet BesksnringFilm som framtidsbransch,ScenkonstbolagetJoakim Lind 4 4. PLATSMARKNADSFRING 5. http://www.flickr.com/photos/horiavarlan/4277530076/ 6. Creative Commons: http://www.flickr.com/photos/achoice/4502949138/ 7. PLATSMARKNADSFRING 8. Exponering i mediaFilm som framtidsbransch,ScenkonstbolagetJoakim Lind 15 9. The story of Sweden over the last 50 years has been one of asteady loss of exceptionalism. In some ways the outsideworld has grown more "Swedish" we all wear seatbelts,drink less, and believe in gender equality. At the same time,Sweden has grown much more worldly it drinks more, worksand earns less, and struggles with the assimilation ofimmigrants. The Swedes themselves no longer believe in aSwedish model, or, when they do, it's very different from theheavily regulated "people's home" of myth.USA | Foreign Policy, 2010-05-26, We're All Swedes Now 10. Tattoo artists are cashing in. WhatSalander has done is inspire women to gounder the needle with their own messagein mind, said Mr. Rakovic of Inked.The look, she added, says, Dont messwith me. Its sexy in a strong new way.Corruption offends her, Ms. Leachobserved, and the desire to set thingsright is what motivates her.Shes taking names and deliveringpayback. And, Ms. Leach said, shes notabout to do that in a pair of Miu Miushoes.USA | NY Times, 2012-02-01,Lisbeth Salander bringing back leather andspikes - link 11. Marketing value for regional exposure, theoretically limited to onlyevaluating the contacts from film and limited to 10 exposures inFinchers TGWDT 0,5 per capita *> 1 billion contacts over 4-5 years =value 500 million and moreBecause there is uncertainty in the model and of making these kinds ofestimates we have consistently chosen the lowest value if the choicehas been between two or more values with modestly countedStockholm exposures and no multiplier.)European Cities Marketing,11/15/12Joakim Lind | Cloudberry 21 12. BESKSNRING 13. #LoveGREATBritainFilm som framtidsbransch,ScenkonstbolagetJoakim Lind 25 14. FILMPRODUKTIONEN 15. Rambll (2003) 16. Effects during the production ofthe Millennium films and TGWDT Total budget of just over 11 million More than 9,8 million were invested and consumed in theStockholm region: Wages Studio, premises, offices Catering Transportation Hotels and accomodations Services Direct and indirect effects with 1.5 multiplier (include second leveleffects) of 15 million to the region--- Budget US version TGWDT 70 million(50 % spent and invested in Sweden) 17. Film som framtidsbransch,ScenkonstbolagetJoakim Lind 38 18. We have definitely noticed anincreased interest from tourists.Every day at least 5-10 guests askabout the films. After that weparticipated in a documentary onGerman television channel ZDF came100 people (genuine film tourists)within three weeks. American NBChad a feature and after it poppedup a lot of Americans.... We believe in a new boostafter the American filmpremiered.Anders Persson, MellqvistKaffebar, March 2011 19. I don't think you can really tell the story without telling it in Sweden. Ithink it is a very Swedish story, I think all the characters are verySwedish.Rooney Mara at TGWDT press meeting in StockholmWhat it tells about Sweden for me is that there is a huge story-tellingtradition here and it is a sort of dark tale, something that we can allrelate to in Northern Europe. They have worldwide mass appeal itseems.Daniel Craig Reuters 2011-12-14 20. Film som framtidsbransch,ScenkonstbolagetJoakim Lind 46 21. Millennium tourism in Stockholm 10,000 people per year take the Millennium guided walk Guided tours, 80-300 per year (2009-2013) Millennium map, approx. 6,800 copies (several languages) Hotels and tour operators markets Millennium stays Hundreds of journalists and TV-teams from abroad havevisited Stockholm with regards of MillenniumFilm som framtidsbransch,ScenkonstbolagetJoakim Lind 49 22. Scenario 2009-2013 - Stockholms stadScenario 2009-2013Millennium effects (total)Guest nights increase Guest nights total2009-2010 49 487 6 332 5452010-2011 50 109 6 382 6542011-2012 57 748 6 440 4022012-2013 58 536 6 498 938TOTAL INCREASE: 215 880Increase during 2009-2013 3,44 % 215 880 X SEK 1 300 kr = SEK 280 million Addional daily vistors and private guest nights 298 000 X SEK 500 = SEK 150 million = SEK 430 million 2009-2013 ( 47 million)Film som framtidsbransch,ScenkonstbolagetJoakim Lind 50 23. EKONOMISKA BETYDELSENAV EN FILMFOND 24. Stockholm Runaway Productions Monica Z (2013) Tommy (2014) Gentlemen och Gangsters (2014) Den allvarsamma leken (2015) Eld och lgor (planerad produktion2015)allvarsamma-leken-blir-film/Fallstudier av ekonomin fr femfilmproduktioner medStockholmsanknytning och endiskussion om ekonomiskabetydelsen av en filmfond iStockholm 25. allvarsamma-leken-blir-film/ 26. Utfall och det regionala bidraget beror p hur produktionernaoch hur avtal och eventuella spendkrav formuleras avseende exvis hllbarhet, lngsiktighet, synergier, samarbeten. 27. Joakim Lindm. 0709-286973joakim@cloudberry.seFilm som framtidsbransch,Scenkonstbolaget56

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