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Project in Physics Serrano, Lhean Angelique Francisco, Germaine Ms. Jhae-M IV-LOM

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Page 1: EL EY 4

Project in Physics

Serrano, Lhean AngeliqueFrancisco, Germaine

Ms. Jhae-MIV-LOM

Page 2: EL EY 4

Dismissal time,at a certain high school.

Page 3: EL EY 4

How was your day?



Page 4: EL EY 4

Hey guys,would you like to go to Mikki and Yuki’s


Yeah cool!I haven’t

seen them for so long.

Page 5: EL EY 4


Anybody home?

Afterwards,at Mikki and Yukki’sHouse…

Page 6: EL EY 4

Hey! Guys!

Let me open the


Yuki,Come down

our friendsare here!

Page 7: EL EY 4

Come on in guys!

Take a


Page 8: EL EY 4

‘Sup? We haven’t

seen each other the

last break.

It’s sure is been so long.

Anyway,we’ve been

thinking about that

favorite “thing” that

we do.


You meanshopping?

Page 9: EL EY 4



So, we thought, that after

school, we can travel to places to search for a crime scenes.

Umm…The “thing”...

Being a detective!

Page 10: EL EY 4

So, we’re hoping you can join us. Just like old times. For



What are friends for?

Solving a mystery

crime is what we love.

It also helps us to be

closer friends.

Page 11: EL EY 4

So, when do we start?

Tomorrow afterschool.

Page 12: EL EY 4

That night, at Cyres Moutain…many people waitedfor the coming street race.

Page 13: EL EY 4

Hey tonight’s the night

we will not forget.

Yeah let’sGet it on!


Page 14: EL EY 4

Oh no, we must accelerrate our speed to 80 m/s^2 fro


OK! Got it!

Come on we must drive

faster to finish early!

Page 15: EL EY 4

While the racers are accelerating, they heard a blow coming from their car. They lost control of the wheel and where thrown vertically to the ground. Making huge crash of flame and fire. …That’s the last of anyone had heard from them…

Page 16: EL EY 4

Morning Seiran. I brought you the newspaper for today.

Thanks Mom.

That’s abig help.

Seiran’s house, the day after.

Page 17: EL EY 4

HOT NEWS: Devastating car crash! Two street racing cars trashed at

a mountain slope. Victim’s body no

where to be found!

Page 18: EL EY 4

Topic: Girls Assemble!

Who: Cutie Detective Girls

When:8:30amApril 2009

Where: Cyres Moutain Slope

What: Investigate the street racing mystery. Victims

yet to be found.

Time to text the guys.

This is interesting.

Page 19: EL EY 4

Lastly, what will be it’s

height reached by

the projectile?

Let me



10 seconds?I already forgot.

Along theslopes of

Cyres Mountain...

Page 20: EL EY 4

OK. I remember that

the height is equivalent to

the quotient of gravity

multiplied by the square of

time and divided by 2.

So (-9.8 m/s) (9s)² 2

-396.9m is the


Alright, I think this is

enough information for our case. Let’s inform

our boss.

Page 21: EL EY 4

Good afternoon,How may I help you?

At themansion

ofMr. L. Chino.

Page 22: EL EY 4

We are the Cutie Detective Girls.

We would like to meet our boss Mr. L. Chino.


come in.

Page 23: EL EY 4

Good Afternoon


Page 24: EL EY 4

Good Afternoon Boss!We’re back again.

Stronger and better!We came here to help us again in our case.

We have enough information, but

there’s one thing we want to know…

Who are the suspects?

Page 25: EL EY 4

Welcome Back! I can help you to

solve this problem.

My body guard had day-off yesterday

and he was involved in racing.

I will call Nikko.

Page 26: EL EY 4

Returning to the slopes of Cyres Mountai


Where are the 2 racing cars?

Hey! Guys, look down

there. I think that were the

2 cars and some parts

of them were burned.

Come on, Let’s

get down guys.

Walk safely,

its slippery


Page 27: EL EY 4


Thissmoke makes

me cough.



What a terrible incident


I’ll take some


Page 28: EL EY 4

The racing car, bring

a projectile thrown in

a horizontal projection.

Look above. The side

railings broke causing the racing car to

fell down with an initial velocity.

The racing cars took 9 seconds to reach the ground

with Horizontal velocity of

10 m/s.

What will be the vertical

component of the cars

before hitting the ground?

Page 29: EL EY 4

So -9.9 m/s² x 9 seconds

is-88.2 m/s

is its vertical component.

The value of the pull of an object toward

the center of the earth is -9.8 m/s.

We can determine the vertical velocity by multiplying the

gravity and the time the car reached the


Page 30: EL EY 4

Next, What will be its horizontal

displacement covered

by the projectile?

Its 90 meter. I multiplied the time of the car

to reach the ground and its initial velocity.

Page 31: EL EY 4

Being a witness, I saw 3 guys planned to win the game. They put many

sharp nails on the road on a specific place. When the game started, they wait for their competitors to drive through the road where

they put many sharp nails. They left their competitors and had win the game. No

one knew what had happened so nobody called

an ambulance.

Page 32: EL EY 4

I was trying to warn them.

But the three suspects saw

me and threatened to

kill me if I rated out.

Page 33: EL EY 4

Yeah, the group has a website. If I remember right, the suspects names

where: Paulo Vincent & Darwin.

OK!So, Do you remember

their faces?


Page 34: EL EY 4

Yeah, thecurrent

reports saythat their

bodiesMight havebeen eaten


Do you know who were the

victims? Its Steven and



Oh no that’s


Many dangerous animals lives

there.But in this case

only one survived; Its

Jeffrey He lived in Gail


Page 35: EL EY 4

Cutie Detective Girls are thankful for their information. They leave the crime scene and went on to Gail community.

They saw Jeffrey and told him about who where the suspects and give them justice

.After 28 hours, they find and arrest the 3 suspects and they

charge the of murder.