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Trident Technical College Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development based in North Charleston, South Carolina, developed this brochure for managers in various manufacturing industries so they can identify Electrician and Instrumentation Technicians on their team and join a partnership to help those team members stay up to date on the latest training needed in order to be an successful E&I Technician in today's technologically advanced industries. (Produced August 2014)


  • The CurriculumTraining with NCCERs curriculum covers the following topics Alternating Current Basic Process Control Elements, Transducers and Transmitters Clean, Purge and Test Tubing and Piping Systems Conductor Selection and Calculation Conductor Terminations and Splices Conductors and Cables Data Networks Distributed Control Systems Distribution Equipment E&I Drawings E&I Test Equipment Electrical Theory Electronic Components Flow, Pressure Level and Temperature Hand Bending Hazardous Locations Hydraulic Controls Industrial Safety for E&I Technicians Instrument Calibration and Configuration Instrument Drawings and Documents, Part One Introduction to the National Electrical Code Layout and Installation of Tubing and Piping Systems Machine Bending of Conduit Motor Controls Motor-Operated Valves Performing Loop Checks Pneumatic Control Valves, Actuators and Positioners Pneumatic Controls Process Control Loops and Tuning Process Mathematics Programmable Logic Controllers Standby and Emergency Systems Temporary Grounding Transformer Applications Troubleshooting and Commissioning a Loop Tubing

    Contact Lloyd Kling, Director of Business Solutions Trident Technical College Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development Lloyd.Kling@tridenttech.edu, 843.574.6491

    Trident Technical College does not discriminate in admission or employment on the basis of race, gender, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or pregnancy. Produced and printed by Trident Technical College. 9/14

    Sector Partnership Training

    Electrical and InstrumentationTechnicians


    Continuing Educationwww.tridenttech.edu/ce.htm

  • The OpportunityThe Division of Continuing Education and Economic Development at Trident Technical College is launching a Sector Partnership Training Program for area businesses that are seeking training for electrical and instrumentation technicians. Using the nationally certified training curriculum developed by NCCER, this 560-hour program is designed to provide employers the opportunity to enroll one to five employees. The sector partnership concept provides employers the opportunity to partner with other businesses to form a class that is funded by a consortium of employers. Greater flexibility in the number of employees that can be registered, and a sharing of the overall costs, makes this a win/win for supporting workforce development and effectiveness.

    Program CandidatesThe TTC Sector Partnership Training Programs ideal program candidates are employees who are already experienced in some areas of instrumentation and electrical work. Through participation in this program, they will gain experience in progressing their skills to meet current standards for their areas of expertise and will also learn new skills on the latest equipment for their areas of interest.

    Electrical and instrumentation technicians typically perform functions such as: installing, calibrating and repairing various types of pneumatic and electrical/electronic instruments, automatic valves, electrical motors, lighting circuits; service and repair low and medium

    voltage (


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