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  • Electrical & Mechanical EngineersEstablished 1945

  • Integrity and honesty

    Protecting the health & safety of our employees, and those with whom we work

    Safeguarding the environment and promoting sustainable engineering solutions

    Contributing to the economic, social and educational fabric of society

    Corporate Responsibility

  • OurHeritage

    Established in 1945 on the site of the Bridgend Royal Ordnance Factory in South Wales,

    todays Company is testimony to the vision of the founder, Mr J.W. Morris and stewardship

    of its long time Chairman the late Mr. D.J. Kearle whose legacy is seen in our commitment

    to integrity, safety, quality and value.

    The Company has prospered through eight decades by evolving and adapting to ever

    changing market dynamics and taking a long term business approach of reinvesting

    profits earned back into the business.

    From initial feasibility studies and budgets we work with our clients through design,

    development, planning, project implementation, commissioning and post contract

    maintenance support phases.

    JW Morris is part of the Morris McLellan Group. Our associate company McLellan and

    Partners is a professional, independent, multi-disciplinary consulting engineering company

    with acknowledged experience and expertise in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals,

    infrastructure, power, buildings and insurance sectors.

    JW Morris is an electrical and mechanical engineering company providing

    installation, manufacturing and wholesaling services to industry and

    commerce for domestic and international clients.


  • WhyUs

    Deep Experience 70 years experience of engineering services to industry

    and commerce at home and abroad.

    Broad Capabilities, Specialist KnowledgeJW Morris is structured into a number of specialist

    divisions each focused upon a particular engineering

    discipline. Unified by strategic principles these divisions

    together provide a broad range of core capabilities.

    Long Term Business RelationshipsWe believe that business should be conducted fairly and

    openly: testimony to which is the long term business

    relationships we have with our clients, many of which

    span decades of mutual trust and respect.

    Health, Safety & Environment Respect for the environment and protecting the health

    and wellbeing of our staff and those with whom we

    work is at the centre of all we do.

    ValueEvery client has different priorities and each project

    specific value drivers; particularly in the 21st Century

    where forces of globalisation, sustainability and

    competition impact all businesses.

    We work collaboratively with clients to optimise

    value from project budgets by considering a range of

    engineering options including repair and maintenance

    of existing services, integration of new technology into

    existing infrastructure and energy efficient solutions.

    On Time We understand that delivering a project late can have

    serious implications for our client. JW Morris has

    established a reputation for delivering challenging,

    complex projects on time.

    One size doesnt fit allEach project is unique. At JW Morris we spend time

    to really understand the requirements to ensure each

    client receives a bespoke service, tailored to their needs.


  • Core Competencies

    Manufacturing Services

    Low Voltage Switchboards

    Motor Control Centres

    LV/MV Packaged Sub Stations

    Control Panels & PLC systems

    Retrofit to Existing Switchgear

    LV Switchgear Maintenance

    High Voltage Line Switches

    Drop Out Fuse Switches

    Fault Throwing Switches

    Interrupter Heads

    HV Rail Sector Switches

    Design, Manufacture,

    Install and Commission

  • Installation Services

    Turnkey M&E Contracts

    Industrial Electrical & Instrumentation

    Electrical Maintenance to Industrial Process Plants

    Electrical & Mechanical Infrastructure Services

    Electrical Services to Built Environment

    Mechanical Services to Built Environment

    Heating & Ventilation Services

    Fire Alarm Engineer, Procure and Commission

    Fire Alarm Maintenance

    CCTV, Door Access and Security Services

    Sprinkler and Fire Protection Services

    Design, Install and Commission

    Wholesaling Services

    Specialist Technical Support for Control Products

    Process Control Equipment

    Industrial Electrical Materials

    Commercial Electrical Materials

    Power Cable Distributors

    Control Cable

    Cable Management Equipment

    Lighting Design Services

    Renewable Energy Products


  • Industrial &PrivateSector

    Commercial & Public Sector




    Construction NursingHomes



    Science &Technology


    Manufacturing Water &Utilities

    Rail Chemical &Petrochemical


    CombinedHeat & Power

    Oil & Gas


    Steel &Non Ferrous

    MetalsAutomotive Food &


  • OurClientsInclude...


  • Our high voltage manufacturing division, Morris Line Engineering (MLE) has a separate identity to reflect the specialist services it provides to an international client base.

    Morris Line Engineering UK have been one of our close business associates

    for nearly three decades now. We are very pleased with the quality of

    products and services which they have meticulously maintained during

    all these years. We have never found them short on any technical or field

    support that a project in our territory ever required

    Bahwan Engineering Co LLC,

    Sultanate of Oman

    High Voltage Manufacturing Services

  • With manufacturing facilities in the UK and the United Arab Emirates,

    MLE provides a fully integrated design, manufacture, installation and

    commission service of the following product ranges:

    Vertical Break Disconnectors & Switches

    Drop-out Fuse Switches & Sectionalisers

    Isolating Links

    Operating Mechanisms

    Load Break Devices

    Single & Double Break Rotating Disconnectors

    Fault Throwing Switches

    Railway Electrification

    Portable Isolators


    Established in 1976, MLE is one of the world leaders in the design

    and manufacture of high voltage disconnectors and switches. Our

    manufactured equipment is used by electricity utilities, oil and gas

    companies and rail electrification schemes throughout the UK, Ireland,

    Middle & Far East, Africa and the Caribbean.

  • Low Voltage Manufacturing Services

    JW Morris has over 50 years experience in the manufacture of low voltage electrical panels. At our manufacturing workshops the entire process is carried out under strict quality control by experienced in house design engineers, CAD technicians, fabrication and electrical personnel.

    JW Morris was responsible for the replacement of four of our electrical

    substations used to power the instruments and beam lines. All works

    were completed to schedule and with a good close working relationship

    between Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and JW Morris. Their equipment

    is of a high standard and has proved to be extremely reliable.

    Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

  • Our panels are fully certified and compatible with all leading

    equipment (GE, Schneider, ABB etc) with a range of proprietary or

    bespoke products available to meet clients requirements of lead times,

    space restrictions, interfacing with existing equipment, production

    downtime or budget.


    415V and 690V Switchgear up to 6300A

    11000/433V Packaged Substations to 4MVA

    Motor Control Centres

    Control Panels / Pulpit Desks

    PLC Systems

    Refurbishment of existing equipment

    Retrofit of new Breaker Technology

    Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Panels

    Medium Duty Commercial Grade Panels

    Export experience


    Conceptual and Detailed Design

    Construction & Electrical CAD

    Steelwork Fabrication

    In house painting facilities

    Bus Bar Fabrication

    Electrical Assembly and Wiring


    Delivery and Installation




  • Industrial Electrical Installations was the founding service of JW Morris in 1945.

    Industrial Electrical & Instrumentation Services

  • JW Morris is proud to name international blue chip industrial

    market leaders amongst our clients for whom we provide:

    Design, project management & CDM

    High voltage distribution cabling, jointing,

    testing and switchgear

    Packaged substations, main distribution switchboards,

    motor control centres and PLC services via our

    in house manufacturing capability

    Low voltage main & sub main distribution

    Control & Instrumentation services

    Main drive motor cabling

    Balance of plant services

    Lighting & small power

    Lightning protection

    We have recognised expertise and experience across a broad range

    of manufacturing and process ind