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  • SongThe electromagnetic spectrum song

  • Brief review:

    Water and sound waves transfer energy from one place to another- they require a medium through which to travel. They are mechanical waves.

    Electric field-region in which charged particles can be pushed or pulled.

  • Thetheoryof electromagnetism explains thatelectricityand magnetism are closely related. Electric charges are the source ofelectric fields. Moving charges generatemagnetic fields.Waves are the propagation of a disturbance. They transportenergyandmomentumbut do not transportmatter.

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  • Nature of Electromagnetic WavesThey are Transverse waves without a medium. (They can travel through empty space)Transverse means perpendicular to the direction of the wave. (No actual displacement of matter).They travel as vibrations in electrical and magnetic fields.Have some magnetic and some electrical properties to them.Speed of electromagnetic waves = 300,000,000 meters/second (Takes light 8 minutes to move from the sun to earth {150 million miles} at this speed.)

  • When an electric field changes, so does the magnetic field. The changing magnetic field causes the electric field to change. When one field vibratesso does the other.RESULT-An electromagnetic wave.

    Click here Animation: Interaction of vibrating charges

  • Waves or ParticlesElectromagnetic radiation has properties of waves but also can be thought of as a stream of particles.Example: LightLight as a wave: Light behaves as a transverse wave which we can filter using polarized lenses.Light as particles (photons)When directed at a substance light can knock electrons off of a substance (Photoelectric effect)

  • DVD VideoEarthquake DVDWrite down 3 things that you did not know.

  • Earthquake video notesP waves primary (first waves)S waves secondary (second + waves)Most damaged caused by S wavesLiquefaction ground below turns to quick sand due to vibrations and water underground.

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  • Eureka NotesWhat is white light made of? All the colors combined plus IR (Infrared)White reflecting all the colors and IRBlack absorbs all the colors and IRWhat determines what color something is? Which colors it absorbs and which it reflects. (It shows what is reflected)

  • B. Waves of the Electromagnetic SpectrumElectromagnetic Spectrumname for the range of electromagnetic waves when placed in order of increasing frequencyClick here (AnimationSize of EMwaves)RADIO WAVESMICROWAVESINFRARED RAYSVISIBLE LIGHTULTRAVIOLET RAYSX-RAYSGAMMA RAYS

  • RADIO WAVESA. Have the longest wavelengths and lowest frequencies of all the electromagnetic waves.B. A radio picks up radio waves through an antenna and converts it to sound waves.C. Each radio station in an area broadcasts at a different frequency. # on radio dial tells frequency.D. MRI (MAGNETIC RESONACE IMAGING)Uses Short wave radio waves with a magnet to create an image

  • MRI of the Brain

  • VideoThe electromagnetic spectrum radio wavesWhat are three ways that radio waves are used?

  • AM=Amplitude modulationwaves bounce off ionosphere can pick up stations from different cities.(535kHz-1605kHz= vibrate at 535 to 1605 thousand times/second)+

  • FM=Frequency modulationwaves travel in a straight line & through the ionosphere--lose reception when you travel out of range.(88MHz-108MHz = vibrate at 88million to 108million times/second)+

  • Bands of Radio/TV/Microwaves

  • AM Spectrum used in Broadcasting and WirelassSome common frequency bands XM Satellite Radio uses microwaves

    AM radio535 kilohertz to 1.7 megahertzShort wave radio5.9 megahertz to 26.1 megahertzCitizens band (CB) radio26.96 megahertz to 27.41 megahertzTelevision stations, channels 2 through 654 to 88megahertzFM radio88 megahertz to 108 megahertzTelevision stations, channels 7 through 13174 to 220 megahertz

  • DVDMapping the Earths surface DVDWhat part of the electromagnetic spectrum do GPS use?GPS use radio waves in the microwave part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

  • MICROWAVESMicrowaveshave the shortest wavelengths and the highest frequency of the radio waves.Used in microwave ovens.Waves transfer energy to the water in the food causing them to vibrate which in turn transfers energy in the form of heat to the food.Used by cell phones and pagers.RADAR (Radio Detection and Ranging)Used to find the speed of an object by sending out radio waves and measuring the time it takes them to return.

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  • INFRARED RAYSInfrared= below redShorter wavelength and higher frequency than microwaves.You can feel the longest ones as warmth on your skinHeat lamps give off infrared waves.Warm objects give off more heat energy than cool objects.Thermograma picture that shows regions of different temperatures in the body. Temperatures are calculated by the amount of infrared radiation given off. Therefore people give off infrared rays.

  • VISIBLE LIGHTShorter wavelength and higher frequency than infrared rays.Electromagnetic waves we can see.Longest wavelength= red lightShortest wavelength= violet (purple) lightWhen light enters a new medium it bends (refracts). Each wavelength bends a different amount allowing white light to separate into its various colors ROYGBIV.

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  • ULTRAVIOLET RAYSShorter wavelength and higher frequency than visible lightCarry more energy than visible lightUsed to kill bacteria. (Sterilization of equipment)Causes your skin to produce vitamin D (good for teeth and bones)Used to treat jaundice ( in some new born babies.Too much can cause skin cancer. Use sun block to protect against (UV rays)Sunburn can cause skin cancer

  • X- RAYSShorter wavelength and higher frequency than UV-raysCarry a great amount of energyCan penetrate most matter.Bones and teeth absorb x-rays. (The light part of an x-ray image indicates a place where the x-ray was absorbed)Too much exposure can cause cancer (lead vest at dentist protects organs from unnecessary exposure)Used by engineers to check for tiny cracks in structures.The rays pass through the cracks and the cracks appear dark on film.

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  • GAMMA RAYSShorter wavelength and higher frequency than X-raysCarry the greatest amount of energy and penetrate the most.Used in radiation treatment to kill cancer cells.Can be very harmful if not used correctly.

  • Bone Scan

  • Using the EM waves to view the SunAnimationView a Galaxy at different wavelengths

  • Brief SUMMARYA. All electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed. (300,000,000 meters/second in a vacuum.B. They all have different wavelength and different frequencies.Long wavelength-lowest frequencyShort wavelength highest frequencyThe higher the frequency the higher the energy.

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