Electronic Cigarettes - Better Alternative To Tobacco Cigarettes?

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http://www.whitecloudelectroniccigarettes.com/kits/ Electronic cigarettes manufactured and marketed by White Cloud are of great quality and give users a realistic smoking sensation and an enjoyable smoking experience. White Cloud e-cig technology uses superior LiPo batteries made to resist cell damage. Our proprietary e cig cartridges deliver full flavor nicotine puffs for the best vaping experience.


<ul><li> Electronic Cigarettes - Better Alternative To Tobacco Cigarettes? </li> <li> Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular because most smokers want to kick the smoking habit in favor of what they believe is a better alternative to burning tobacco cigarettes. </li> <li> Many smokers realize the need to kick the smoking habit in their own interest as well as that of everyone around them, particularly children. </li> <li> Tobacco smoke causes a lot of harm to the smokers as well as nonsmokers who inhale second-hand smoke. It is detrimental to the human body in the long-term and could lead to harmful consequences. </li> <li> Adverse effects of smoking </li> <li> We are all aware that smoking: raises blood pressure increases the chances of coronary heart disease damages the lungs, causing cancer </li> <li> increases the carbon monoxide level in the blood increases the pulse rate can lead to stroke </li> <li> When they are not able to smoke, smokers exhibit a total change in the behavioral pattern. They get hooked to the habit due to the addictive nature of nicotine. </li> <li> What is an electronic cigarette? </li> <li> An electronic cigarette is an excellent alternative to tobacco. Nicotine is delivered via water vapor to the smoker. </li> <li> E cigs heat a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, water, flavorings, and nicotine. The mixture is then inhaled and exhaled as vapor. </li> <li> How does an e cigarette work? </li> <li> An electronic cigarette consists of a replaceable cartridge filled with liquid nicotine. This liquid is a mixture of glycerol, propylene glycol and water mixed with certain flavors. </li> <li> The unit has a battery-operated atomizer that converts a part of the nicotine liquid into vapor. </li> <li> With an electronic cigarette, vapers enjoy the same sensation as with a tobacco cigarette without the harmful effects of combustible tobacco. </li> <li> Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes </li> <li> No ash and no smoke No stained teeth No offensive odor </li> <li> No tar involved Saves a lot of money in the long run as e cigarettes are definitely cheaper than conventional cigarettes Looks and feels like a tobacco cigarette giving the smoker a real smoking experience sans the harmful effects of burning tobacco </li> <li> In short, an electronic cigarette works like a conventional tobacco cigarette helping to satiate the nicotine cravings of smokers without the effects of burning tobacco. </li> <li> White Cloud manufactures premium electronic cigarettes characterized by superior engineering standards and excellence in design to make your vaping experience a truly memorable one. </li> <li> For more details about electronic cigarettes visit http://www.whitecloudelectroniccigarettes .com/products/ </li> <li> Thank you </li> </ul>


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