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1. MOTIVATION TOWORKOUT IN THE WINTERELENA MERCHAND 2. With the weather plummeting, your desire to workout is probably doing the same thing. It canbe difficult to workout in the winter, especially outdoors.But, thanks to Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric of The November Project, we are now ableto keep our workouts in tact and find the motivation we need to get exercise. 3. THE NOVEMBER PROJECT Created in 2011 as a way for people in Boston to keep up with their workoutsthroughout Massachusetts harsh winters. Since then, The November Project has developed into a nationally recognizedfitness movement containing tribes across sixteen cities. Members strive to motivate each other, emphasizing the power of teamwork andcommitment when it comes to working out. Womens Health Magazine conducted an interview with Graham and LauraMcClosky, both members of the November Project, and were given tips on howto gain motivation and determination to workout during the chilly winter months. HERES WHAT THEY SAID 4. WEAR THERIGHT CLOTHES Nothing can be worse thanworking out when you arentwell-equipped for cold weather. You dont want cold, dampsocks or jackets that dont keepthe wind from hitting yourbody. If its dark out, dont forget towear some sort of reflectivegear or a headlamp so peoplecan see you. 5. SCHEDULE YOURWORKOUTS This will not only help you stayconsistent, but it will give youdetermination to work out incold weather. Graham says that, Setting apattern is important formaintaining workout regularity,which helps you make sure youdont think of exercise as anoption, weather-dependentadd-on to your day. 6. SET A GOALFOR SPRING Try registering for a late winter orearly spring race in order to help youfeel more inclined to workout whenthe weather is miserable. According to Graham, who is aBoston Marathon runner: In Boston,winter isnt an excuse. You have totrain all winter if youre going to runthe marathon. If youre not a runner, set a differentgoal - maybe theres a pair of jeansyou want to fit into by spring, orperhaps you have a big event inMarch that you want to fit into acertain dress by. 7. TACKLE THECOLD! 8. But, before you go out running along icy roads,always remember that safety is the most importantthing you can do for your own health - so use yourbest judgement. If its not safe to workout on aparticular day, dont risk it.!!Read more advice from Graham and Mandaricabout working out in the cold here:http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/working-out-in-the-cold!