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Every estimate is an opportunity for you to shine. Youve heard the phrase that sales is a numbers gamewell, we think its much more than that. Sales is serious business. When a customer asks you for an estimate, put your best foot forward, showcase your professionalism and you will win more business. Here are some simple ideas for differentiating yourself and your company during the estimating process.Brought to you by Mohawk MakeReady, this presentation can be used by your printing business for internal training initiatives or customer presentations.


  • 1. Tips for standing-out from the crowd November 2011

2. Differentiate Yourself: Turn every estimate into an opportunity. 3. The Written Quotation: Your written quotation or estimate is the bid for the project. We all know not all projects are created equal. In some cases, we know we will not win the project based on historical data. And sometimes you just dont really want the project. But in the case of a project that you really want to win, try these simple techniques. 4. More than just an EMAIL Have you told your story completely in an email? Does an email do the project justice? 5. Have you positioned yourself to be awarded thisproject?The estimate checklist: 6. Calculate everything: Can you bring additional value to the job? 7. Make a paper dummy Order a dummy, it is an easy way to show that you know the project. Weigh it, measure it, and if the piece needs to mail go to the US Postal Service Business Center and make sure it meets postal standards. 8. Written Schedule If you want the work, sometimes your schedule must be more aggressive than your competition. At times, speed of the project is much more important than the price. 9. Even if they dont ask, show them Mohawks environmental calculator is a great way to demonstrate tangible sustainability savings. You can download it by clicking: Mohawk Environmental Calculator 10. Your cover letter Buyers are looking for four things: Price, Schedule, Quality and Service. Offer as many of the four as possible, (although we all know that price and schedule usually inversely effect each other).Tell the buyer why you should be awarded the project. Be clear, concise, and to the point. 11. Use Color: It can be a incredibly simple and powerful tool 12. Present the estimate in person whenever possible Sell the value YOU bring to the project. 13. Are you easy to work with? Both convenience and friendliness go far 14. Mohawk MakeReady provides practical tools and actionable information for digital printerslike you. We can help Visit:www.MohawkMakeReady.com to browse content, request a meeting, or join the community.