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  • A Swedish princess was about to be born

The princess at 5 days The King and theQueen and theRoyalCarriage. At 2 months, life was good! The princess was introduced to her Dutch subjects... and viewed them with proper royal haughtiness. Princesses (and lesser creatures) require food to grow. Whether assisted or do-it-yourself. mmmmm. at any age food is YUMMY!!! at least most of it. A toe-sucking club was established. Various types of sucking. or drooling were also allowed. The princess held come-as-you are parties. Guests from the whole country came. Some parties were held outside the capital. My G-spot. The princesshad to watchout forpapparazzi. There was also work to be done Qualitycontrol for thehousecleaner Growing newteeth Picking blueberries Pickingflowers Blowing up balloons Feeding ducks Watching for invaders Sometimesothers watchedover theprincess. Life was good really good even great from every angle. The princess was veryenvironmentallyconscious. Why wasteperfectly good paper with so muchnatural canvas athand? See? There weresomemomentousoccasions. TA-DAAA!!!! The first snowfall observed by the princess. The second snowfall. The first day of school. A sister was born to the princess. Lets pullout her hair! Maybe if Isqueeze her todeath REALLY hard? I could smotherher with stickers Rip her to pieces Or try squeezingagain Oh no, Ill neverget rid of her! A girl especiallya princess has tostay in shape. Princesses loveto dress up. Girls (even Swedish princesses) just wanna have fun! Fun! More fun! Lotsa fun! Is it fun? Yeah!!! Then you relax. Princesses are(usually) devotedto their families. I love my Daddy I love my Mommy I love my Oma Lots! I love my Grandpa I love my Grandma I love my sister I love Lily I loveMotti, Nava, Amit and Yuval I love myUncle Aaron I love my cousins I love my Uncle David and other cousins (especially Amit) and Noga and Noga and Noga But most of all. Ireally reallyREALLY love mygodmotherTOVA!!!!!!! The yearshave goneby quickly.One yearold Two years old Three Four and look what Oma made! Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten and eleven! Ive had a greatpast and I have arosy future tolook forward to!