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  1. 1. Ellie Design Wedding Photography
  2. 2. If there is one thing that you should not miss when it comes to planning a wedding then it would be the wedding photography. After all, weddings are memorable occasions and the best way to document them for posteritys.
  3. 3. Ellie Design knows the importance of capturing those special moments during your weddings so we always come up with creative wedding ideas that will make your photographs a showcase of this momentous occasion. ake is through good photographs.
  4. 4. We aim to get to know the couple and even their family so we can understand your needs and requirements and deliver them to you satisfactorily.
  5. 5. Ellie Design offers professional photography services for couples who want their wedding photographs to stand out from the traditional photos.
  6. 6. Thank you http://elliephoto.com/gallery/wedding/