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Messaging Mojo: Making Over Your Emails Emails We

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Messaging Mojo: Making Over Your Emails Emails We

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Email Dont ListYour email list isnt the entire world; dont spray and pray when it comes to selecting your audience.When it comes to Subject Lines dont:ALL CAPS Exclamation points!!!!Set false expectationsThe fake Re: or Fwd:Email Content - Dont: Include a ton of calls to actionALL CAPSHighlight textUse random clip artUse non-profit jargonDont go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on were busing people, we dont have time or the attention span to read emails that go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on

Please, lets stop doing this

Lets Start Doing More Of This10 Emails Were Gaga About


Subject Lines MatterWhat we love most about this email is the subject line: Families like Richards depend on us.

The subject line stood out in our inboxes by telling us there is a story behind the message. It compels the reader want to know more about Richards family and how they can help.

Fun Formats

2This is an old email from 2012, but we still love it. We love it so much that we had to include it!

Why do we love this email? Its the calendar that had us at hello. Philosophys sending a nice holiday message, but more importantly theyre getting customers excited about the New Year by sharing upcoming store openings, promotions and product releases.

Try it! You dont need to wait till the New Year; create a quarterly calendar highlighting key events in the coming months, program and initiatives your supporters shouldnt miss.

Be Creative & Relevant

What we love most about this email: Is its from a local restaurant! It also focuses on the patron experience. Just offering the weather forecast is enough to make the recipient imagine the sights, sounds and sensations of a perfect afternoon at the restaurant.How about including the weekend forecast in your next email to your endurance athletes? Mix up the content youre sending to participants you dont only have to send fundraising and mission information. Send your participants information that will enhance their overall experience.3

Urgency: Dont Miss Out

What we love most about this email: Its an explicit reminder of what you might miss out on.

Savvy online retailers are recovering trillions of dollars of abandoned merchandise from online shopping carts with personalized retargeted messages such as this one.

Imagine how many more people you could get to register or donate to your events if you emailed everyone who abandoned your forms?4

Tone: Fun, & Conversational

5What dont we love about this email? Its got a progress bar, a dog names Sarah and clear call to action. What we love most is: the tone and point of view.

The message is from Sarah, a dog in need of her forever home. Who better to give a Giving Tuesday update on how close the Maryland SPCA is to their goal and how many pets still need help?

Keep it Simple: Images WorkWhat we love about this email: The simplicity, the urgency -- and who can resist a cute baby panda. Using a large single image to convey a message shouldnt be the basis of every message in your communication calendar, but when used sparingly and done right it can have a big impact


Content: Relevant & TimelyWhat we love about this email: The relevancy. In essence it says, Youre team won! Wear your loyalty with pride! Non-profits can take this same approach with drumming up pride for their missions.Every child saved, every meal served, every pet adopted is a win that should be shared and championed.


Dang, Youre Pretty AwesomeWhat we love about this email: Its celebrating the users achievement.

Theres a badge for everything these days. Instead of only lighting up a badge on a personal page or in the participant center add badges to your communication plan.

When a badge is earned send an email about it! This is a great way to inspire and encourage fundraising:Recognize Provide an explanation Tell them to keep it up to achieve their next fundraising milestone


Pragmatic & HelpfulWhat we love about this email: Its a helpful way to keep track your stats. It doesnt matter what type of P2P program you have great way to engage your participants.

Tip: Swap out the workout stats for fundraising stats.

Provide your participants with a fundraising summary including: Number of donations Amount raisedFundraising goalPercent to goalDays till event

9Tip: And, why not include sharing tools in the email. Participants can show off their progress.

Thank you. Cant Forget OneWhat we love about this email: Its purely an engagement email. There is no hidden meaning or agenda. It is simply a thank you to donors for all that they do to help the organization.

This type of message can go a long way in driving up participant engagement and interest in future activities.10

Thank you! Our fun duo will be back on Thursday. Join us for a preview of the P2P Fundraising Study findings. Talk Data to Me: Preview of the new P2P Fundraising Study!Thursday, May 28 | 2:003:00 p.m. ET