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Watch the full webinar @ Learn how to look better and build bigger lists with this slide deck from the webinar, "Email Secrets of the Pros." This presentation looks at dozens and dozens ( 5 dozen, in fact) of ways that you can increase the size of your email list, regardless of whether you're a B2C, B2B, or nonprofit. But once you have this huge email list, you need to know what to send to your audience to drive action. The URL Dr. covers best practices in email design and marketing that will increase your success with your program. Watch the full webinar, on demand for a limited time.


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2. Kim Butler, The URL Dr.2013 Constant Contact All Star Award 3. Agenda Basics of Email Design Mobile Friendly Emails Email Best Practices Advanced Email Techniques for Better Results 60 Ways to Grow Your Email List 4. Basics of Email Design 5. Email Basics1 Look greatUse a template systemwith mobile friendlydesignsPlace logo left or centerInclude social medialinksInclude full address andphone number in thefooter 6. Email Basics2 Look like youBe consistentMatch the colors inyour logo or websiteUse simple colorsearch Pixeurcapture tools colorcop.netDigitalColor Meterinstalled on Macs 7. Email Basics3 Use your imagesUse your own photosMake all your picturesclickable links 8. Email Basics4 Make it easyHelp them find theright product / serviceCommunicate throughpicturesUse design wisely(and limit choices!) 9. Email Basics5 Use calls to actionThe focal point of theemailEye catching and easyto click onPlace above the scrolllineDont give too manychoices 10. Mobile Friendly Emails 11. Mobile Friendly Emails11Experian Marketing Services50%of email is opened ona mobile device. 12. Mobile Friendly Emails1 Avoid using too much text 13. Mobile Friendly Emails2 Avoid multiple columns 14. Mobile Friendly Emails3 Clear & easy calls to actionBEST!!Just OKBetter 15. Mobile Friendly Emails9-point font, headlines dont stand outMinimum: 22-pointheadlines, 11-pointbody text, improvedcontrast4 Avoid tiny fonts 16. Mobile Friendly EmailsBetter: 22-pointheadlines, 16-pointbody text4 Avoid tiny fonts 17. Mobile Friendly Emails5 Use images carefully 18. Email Best Practices 19. Email Best Practices1 Make it shareableShare barSimple ShareAsk people to like, share,retweet, pin 20. Email Best Practices2 Make it engaging with reviews88% read reviews beforepurchasing*Dont be afraid to ask!Include relevant reviews,feedback, ratings and quotes*Source: BrightLocal Local Consumer Review Survey, 2014 21. Email Best Practices3 Make it engaging with videoSpotlight your products, servicesand customersPromote your video*Source: Forrester ResearchVideos increase click-throughrates by300%*Put video in thesubject line 22. Email Best Practices3 Words that rule your world:Now, Later, Never4Who is it from?Whats the subject?When do you send yourcommunications? 23. Email Best PracticesWinning the battle of prioritiesSubject Lines5SECONDS WORDS TODAY 24. Email Best PracticesSubject LinesTomorrow: Need 3 Hammers Can You Help?$5 Free to be Naughtyor nice?Daily Alert Bunnies are EvilStill time! Openings available for Cooking Classes5 25. Email Best Practices6 When to sendMonthly is most commonAsk yourself: When are myreaders likely to take the action Iwant? 26. Email Best Practices6 Find your best dayDivide your list into3 groups of peopleSelect 3 days in the week totestSend your e-mail, watch forbest response123 27. Email Best Practices6 Find your best timeUse same 3 groups of peopleSelect 3 times on the daywith the best resultsSend email at 3 differenttimes of day, note time withbest results123 28. Email Best PracticesWhen to send or postDo not be romanced by a high open rate measure actions! 29. Advanced Email Techniques 30. Advanced Email TechniquesSegmentationSeasonal customers or supportersVIPsNew!Regular customers or donorsDivide people into groups based oninformation like interests and demographics1 31. Automate What You Can Set up Welcome & Update Messages You can pre-schedule Campaigns Use A Scheduling Tool for social engagementMake sure you listen and respond!2 32. Autoresponders Create a Series using an AutoresponderMake sure you listen and respond!3 33. 4 If youre not measuring,You are not marketing. 34. 60 Ways to Grow Your List 35. Keep it simple.Sometimes a papersign-up sheet is thebest way to go.Use paper1 sign-up sheet 36. Just having a sign-upform available wontalways be enough.Train yourself andyour employees toalways be askingprospective contactsto sign up.Ask2 face to face 37. D ont overlookthe obvious. Youprobably alreadyhave a database ofcontacts who wouldlove to join your list.A sk them to sign -centerCheck your3 database 38. L ook to yourpersonal network tohelp kick start yourlist g rowth.Ask friends4 and family 39. Put a fishbowl onyour counter andg ive customers anincentive to drop intheir business cardsto join your list.Put a fishbowl5 on the counter 40. Over the Ring , Ring Having a great conversat ion with a customer orsupporter? Keep the conversation going ask them to join your email list!6 phoneInsig ht provided by Constant Contact K nowHow -center 41. U sing a sidewalk signor sandwich board tobring in foot traf fic?Tell passersby aboutall the g reat info,discounts, and newstheyll find by signingup for your emails.Use your7 sidewalk sign 42. If theres one daypeople are excitedabout finding newbusinesses it s s mallBusiness s aturday.make sure youreasking people tojoin your list whenthey come in for thisspecial -centerParticipate inSmall BusinessSaturday 8 43. Add a sign-upform to yourFacebook paget ip : Constant Contact customers can use ourfree app to add a sign-up form right to theirpage and collect email addresses withoutdoing any extra work. Find out how.make it easy for fans to join your listby adding a sign-up form to yourFacebook Pag e.9 44. L earn more : New to Twitter? Find out how toget started!Write yourself a note now: Tweetabout my email list once a week. Youshould also post about your email liston your other social networks, but lessfrequently than you would on Twitter.10 Tweet it! 45. Update yourFacebook pagecover photo 11You can now include acall to action on the CoverPhoto of your FacebookPage. Have some fun with itand ask people to join yourlist. 46. Buy a12 Facebook adSupercharg e your Facebook list g rowth with aFacebook Ad. Add new fans and new subscribersby driving people to your Facebook sign-upform. 47. Making the leap into online video?Talk about your emails in a videoand tell people where to sign -centerUse your13 Youtube channel 48. L earn more : New to Foursquare? Find outhow to get started!Use14 FoursquareFoursquare lets you update your businesss infoand post alerts to people in the area. Try sharinga link to your sign-up form and see how it does.Insig ht provided by Constant Contact K nowHow -center 49. 15 LinkedIn groupWhen appropriate letmembers of the sameL inkedIn Groupsknow about youremail -centerJoin aL earn more : New to LinkedIn? Find out howto get started! 50. Join a Google+L ike L inkedIn Groups,Google+ Communitiesare the place Google+users go to findinformation relevant tothem. Share your latestemail and ask membersto join your list.16 Community 51. t ip : Find out how to run and participate iTweet Chat. n aHost a17 Tweet chatTweet chats are a g reat way toboost engag ement on Twitter.It can help you attract newfollowers and can g ive you aunique opportunity to growyour list. 52. Tell people why they shouldsign up in 6 seconds orless. You can share yourVine video on Facebook orTwitter and can embed iton your blog.Use18 VineL earn more : New to Vine? Find outmore.Insig ht provided by Constant Contact K nowHow -center 53. Add a sign-uplink to yoursocial bios 19Allow social connectionsto easily find your emailsign-up form by linkingto it in your profiles. Tryit on Facebook, Twitter,L inkedIn, Pinterest, orGoogle+. 54. Create a board on Pinterest andpin your email newsletterright when it comes out! U sean imag e from your email ortake a screenshot of your entirenewsletter to g ive readers apreview of your -centerSample yourcontent onPinterest 20 55. Add sign-upform to yourwebsite 21Easily add a link to your sign-upform on your website andcollect emails from people whovisit your site. Give your sign-upform plenty of visibility byputting it on every pag e. 56. Create areasons tosign-uppage 22A sk your current contactswhy they enjoy your emailsand then create a pag e onyour website highlightingthe big g est benefits ofsigning up. 57. D ont ask too many questions.You may miss chances to g rowyour email list. Keep your sign-upform short and simple. Onlyask for the information that sabsolutely necessary. You cancollect more information downthe -centerKeep yoursign-up formshort 23 58. If someone enjoys whatyou have to say on yourblog , theres a goodchance theyd want tosee your updates in theirinbox.Add to your24 blogt ip : Constant Contact customers using Wordpresscan use our free Wordpress integ ration to create asign-up form that adds email addresses directly toa Constant Contact email list. Find out how. 59. Guest25 blogWriting for other blogs is ag reat way to g et in front of anew audience. Include a linkto your sign-up form in yourauthor bio. If people like yourpost, theyll want to g et moreinformation from you. 60. Participate inconversations about yourarea of expertise on yourfavorite blogs. When youleave a comment youllalso be able to add a linkback to your website aspart of your identif yinginformation. This can leadpeople to your websitewhere they can sign upfor your email -centerComment on26 blog posts 61. Join our list to learn more aboutwhat we have to of fer!Join our list to receiveexclusive discounts!Over 1,000 people have signed upto receive our emails each month.Sign up today!Dont miss a thing! Join our emaillist to get updates sent to yourinbox once a week.Test dif ferent calls-to-action andsee how your audience -centerTest dif