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Ideas to Integrate technology in the classroom


  • 1. Teaching and Learning in the 21 st CenturyLearning tools If you can changeyour mind youcan change theworld. You see thingsand say Why ?But I see thingsand say Why

2. Necessity of icts iNeducatioN 3. An Introduction totechnology IntegrationA brief introductionto technology integration in educatio 4. How are todaysstudents different? 5. A Vision of KindergartenStudents Today 6. The 21 Century StudentsstTodays digital kids think of ICT assomething akin to oxygen; theyexpect it, its what they breatheand its how they live. Learning ina Digital Age,John Seely Brown 7. Th e 2 1 st Ce n t u r yTe a c h e r sTechnology will not have asignificant impact on studentlearning until teachers change theway they teach.Larry Cuban, 1986 8. Education and Technology Quotes 9. Education and Technology Quotes 10. Education and Technology Quotes 11. Education and Technology Quotes 12. 21 stceNtury educatioN vs 20th ceNtury educatioN 13. e-LearNiNG The advantages of E-Learning 14. Dropbox Dropbox is the easiest way to store, sync, and, share filesonline. Theres no complicated interface to learn. Dropbox can be an excellent tool in the classroom. Dropboxallows files to be easily shared between students andteachers. A collaborative Dropbox could be an effective tool in groupprojects, for students to easily submit files to the teacherfor grading, and for teachers to share files, such as notesand demonstration files with students. The student projects are getting larger in size, and maypresent a problem when attaching to an email message. 15. What is dropbox 16. voice thread What is Voicethread Global classroomproject Small Project on definition of words and phrases 17. BuBBL.us Easy to use Doesnt require an account unless you want to save work Helps to organize thoughts and explore relationships Aids in generating ideas Encourages group discussions Incorporates multiple intelligences collaborative mind mapping19 18. BUBBL.USMind Mapping 19. KhaN academy Bank of Knowledge The Khan Academy is an organization on amission with the goal of changing educationfor the better by providing a free world-classeducation to anyone, anywhere, anytime 20. twitter What is twitter Use of twitter Twitter is a socialnetworking and micro-blogging service whereinits users could share theirexperience and expressthemselves throughsending and readingmessage commonly knownas tweets 21. BLoG A blog is basically a type of Blog to connect your studenwebsite, The features that makeblogs different from otherwebsites are: content is published in achronological fashion content is updated regularly readers have the possibilityto leave comments content is syndicated viaRSS feeds 22. iNteractive white Board Wonders of Smart Board Interactive White Board (IWB) vs Flip board 23. eLmo wireLess taBLet Use of ELMO wirelesstablet as a mobileInteractive White Board Documented Camera 24. top 100 tooLs 2011 List Useful tools for 21st century classroom In 2011, 531 learning proessional around theworld shared their top 10 tools for learning.From their contribution top 100 tools forlearning 2011 list was complied 25. None oft mat s ifw see E T a SE R T fr SOCIE Ya t W L w l ehis ter e DUCAION s PA AE omT nd he OR D e iv 26. for ListeNiNG me oNce in ayear, supportiNG me and eNcouraGiNG me


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