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<p>20 BOOK S MUST REA DF R O M A L L- T I M E C L A S S I C S T O T H I S Y E A R S ESSENTIAL READS, HERES EMERALD STREETS DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE PERFECT BOOKSHELF</p> <p>YOU</p> <p>2 0</p> <p>N O V E L S</p> <p>Y O U</p> <p>M U S T</p> <p>R E A D</p> <p>E M E R A L D S T R E E T I S A U N I Q U E , F R E E , D A I LY E M A I L F R O M S T Y L I S T MAGAZINE. IT S FULL OF PLACES TO GO, FASHION TRENDS, MUST-BUY B E A U T Y P R O D U C T S , B O O K S , C U LT U R E A N D I D E A S . F O R T H E L A T E S T N E W BARS AND RESTAURANTS AS WELL AS EXPERT TIPS SIGN UP NOW AT EMERALDSTREET.COM</p> <p>Havin</p> <p>g tro</p> <p>uble</p> <p>rea</p> <p>din</p> <p>g thi</p> <p>s em</p> <p>ail?</p> <p>Pleas</p> <p>e cli</p> <p>ck he</p> <p>re to</p> <p>see</p> <p>an on</p> <p>line</p> <p>versi</p> <p>on</p> <p>Havin</p> <p>g tro</p> <p>uble</p> <p>rea</p> <p>din</p> <p>g thi</p> <p>s em</p> <p>ail?</p> <p>Pleas</p> <p>ck e cli</p> <p>here</p> <p>to see</p> <p>an on</p> <p>line</p> <p>versi</p> <p>on</p> <p>Havin</p> <p>g tro</p> <p>uble</p> <p>rea</p> <p>din</p> <p>g</p> <p>em this</p> <p>ail?</p> <p>Pleas</p> <p>e cli</p> <p>ck he</p> <p>re to</p> <p>see</p> <p>an on</p> <p>line</p> <p>versi</p> <p>on</p> <p>Havin</p> <p>g tro</p> <p>rea uble</p> <p>din</p> <p>g thi</p> <p>s em</p> <p>ail?</p> <p>Pleas</p> <p>e cli</p> <p>ck he</p> <p>re to</p> <p>see</p> <p>an on</p> <p>line</p> <p>v</p> <p>Wedn</p> <p>esd</p> <p>ay 14</p> <p>Septe</p> <p>20 mber</p> <p>11</p> <p>Shar</p> <p>e wi</p> <p>th a</p> <p>frien</p> <p>d</p> <p>A N</p> <p>er still eased e Em but Cr s rel Lov ay: e se eCT st wa from Th s aw longli h be nner, Perf Mile oker muc er wi To n Bo SO Book in e Ma day own sk . 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An n-like rrells it was pu The Va gs im empti ry. powe VEL 8.99): solut OFa ntu warre gloom OFa is ceilin r ab NO in, gie when it. nian w, Ce book ll at he pubs sly low rld Mag AGE (Pengu k, striking t no best loved ou bterra y wo Farre is ou her peril than su w York, -OF- n Coe roc is O literar , by far well ING Jonatha , prog orts. It Ne her us at a Je This m me rat ail Lis ox. for COM b by g fro Em ng sh rorism to the Lenn Us by tter? visitin THE tters Clu ham, ter ng swimmi y adjust ng-ofEsme king Of re be com ng Ro mi Ma ewhe treet. missi ys as the Birmi ny co The The som part JO and fun bo lds nties se S 5 ure ool and Know emera rkers Seve , N1 Chee ed R RO s yo itor END f@ of sch lliant y wo ire DO London unles . El n ed esh stepp MM in anna factor a group m. A bri read. uctio s PARAgh Road, ow place, mmunity k at, de Ch uve tter set RECO te Chop kes me d the great EL co loo Prod -kn follow Ye Ol like yorry Po am se IES aroun a truly 43 Hi in-the bian Ka ce to Vist d feel ylist ll ma sen ttenh a Ha DAV ur by 213-2 a real it sti world ry and real plays Colom eliest pla n, St an of To ry ow onto is ons o ve sto LIN An Ho ago and with a lov Piggy A small traffic a Br d is This age Lond r. t the are CAIT ory Of 25 years erblown, but its als d the the foo cesc rth lls) Lucy guita jo isn gs an s St ov of no fran but h ba one. le tasy, but or Ro nishin d thi The a bit doug verde, past, pink d ecs out ailab rad Its fur ng Pa st rea ury e a an sa is av rolls e. . Th loud. nderi s (savo basic I fir ram tim s, also of sal inter thu out good with elo wave melod d of its Lily Pa ving ll be Road e buu laugh ea rugs, on her a ser Of torian er wi High Th eful y ah with s ost with ord ng. d of Vic and wa e Gh made ps. 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