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Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon D-Star Presentation Minneapolis Amateur Radio ny9d emergency communications medical


  • 1. Advanced Amateur Radio Mass Casualty ResponseErik Westgard, NY9D 12/15/2011 www.14567.org How 120 Minnesota Radio Amateurs showcase theiremergency communications technology leadership every year at the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

2. 97.1 Basis and purpose. The rules and regulations in this Part are designed to provide an amateur radio service having a fundamental purpose as expressed in the following principles:(a) Recognition and enhancement of the value of the amateur service to the public as a voluntary noncommercial communication service, particularly with respect toproviding emergency communications .(b) Continuation and extension of the amateur's proven ability to contribute to theadvancementof the radio art .(c) Encouragement and improvement of the amateur service through rules which provide foradvancingskills in both the communications and technical phases of the art.(d) Expansion of the existing reservoir within the amateur radio service of trained operators,technicians, andelectronics experts .(e) Continuation and extension of the amateur's unique ability to enhance international goodwill.Mission Statement- FCC Part 97, Parts A-D 3. Green-Single Frequency Blue -Original 2001 stations Bold/Underline- Core sitesGrand Rapids MNBRD MNCCC7 MNCCC/MNDUL/FWD (.01) MAPLE MNCLK MNLF2 MNPEQ MNWBL 67/01 MNMSU 8/2009 MN 1200 bps Packet (145.67 MHz) Status www.14567.org MNAUS WILMAR MNRUSH MNSAND This network covers 75% of the populationof Minnesota Many of the hospitals in Minnesota haveEquipment for this networkBemidji MNMONT MNFRBL MNMPLS MPLSDN MNDWSN MNWBS MNROCH MNMLB SHAFER Packet is still up 4. Five overlapping systems provide reliable coverage for the core Twin Cities Metro 5. Digital 2M/440 Coverage 3/10 Yellow- 2MBlue 440 6. MTCM Patient Flow Finish Line Main MedicalChest Pain Ice pack, etc All otherLocation tracking (+MNTRAC etc.) Location Tracking (admit/discharge) Personal Health Record download 7. Net1 Data 22 Water Stops/ 120 Yellow Shirts 5 + 4 voice 5+1 D-StarRepeaters 911 service Rented UHFNet Controls- distributed Nets 1-3D-Star data entry/query On-Course Med Director Finish Line EMS DispatchDatabaseNet 4 (course inter-tie) Medical Ch.1 Control Medical DirectorFamily Medical/ Med Tent Bus Drop-offiPads Ip phones MTCM Course Medical Communications 2011General principles: Course tactical operations are autonomous Yellow shirts backstop med ops- report and notify Injured runner data flows to the server ~15,000 runners, ~300,000 spectatorsFinish Line 802.11g protocol2-3 D-Star Uplinks 802.11a links (Finish line to St Paul EOC)Net2 Net3 8. Simplified Event Comm. StructureRace DirectorIncident Commander Race OperationsMedicalDirector Medical EMS Course Marshals Other race officialsAmateur Radio EMS Fire Etc. Event Communications Center Normal ReportingIn a declared emergency the Incident Commander takes overUnder normal operations, the event communications center provides radio and other channels to support the event.In an emergency, all resources are available to the Incident CommanderBest practice: An Incident Action Plan (IAP) is on file 9. 2011 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Finish Line Medical ControlNet 4/Voice Intertie Ch 1 Course Medical CH6Ch 6 Finish Area EMS Medical Director Med TentMed Info Tent (x6) Amateur Radio Medical Communications Support System Trivnetdb 2.1 Web front end 802.11g*** InternetD-Star*2 Ubiquiti 5G ***802.11b>g in 2009 +WPA2Mile 1-19 Mile 23-26 Mile 20-22 STPONE MPLSE D-Star Repeaters www.14567.org MINING iPads 802.11g (MDs) Secure LaptopWin XP Medical Records Laptop 802.11g Win XP Discharge Laptop 802.11g Win XP IP Phones Bus Drop-off Station/ EMT 802.11g D-Star Net 3+4/Voice Ramsey Cty EOC Ubiquiti 5G Voice Net 2+4/Voice Hennepin VanD-StarVoice Net 1+4/Voice North Memorial D-Star VoiceCourse MDVoice mobile Net 4- shadow Laptop 802.11g Win XP Check-In 10. New Web Interface- Trivnetdb Missing /dropped out/ill runnerweb runner lookup and update 11. Citadel Mail and Conferencing

  • Linux based- open source
  • Supports mail and conferencing
  • Runs on low power appliance computers
  • Supports a character mode interface for packet
  • ICS and HICS form migration (2Q09)

12. News for 2010- iPads for checkin hospital tentNew for 2011 IP Phones 13. Runner tracking and situation reports TrivnetDB in the main Comm Center at Course Medical Net Control note rented UHF radios 14. www.14567.orgD-STAR MSP 12/11Ham Radio Trailers, County/State Vans Trivnetdb Database +web front end ID-1 Radios data /application uplinksID-1 Radio Users (remote) links to trailer Mining ARC(Ramsey) @280 feet 90kbps 90kbps Local Laptops Via 802.11g Erik Westgard. NY9D Minneapolis South (MSP, MOA) @200 feetSt. Paul One (State EOC, MDH) @260 feetMinneapolis East (Hennepin) @260 feetID-1 MPLS N@290 feet MNWash Bayport @600 LinuxSystem Citadel, DNAT DSTAR Controllerand Data Repeater DSTAR Controllerand Data Repeater LinuxSystem Citadel. DNAT DSTAR Controllerand Data Repeater LinuxSystem Citadel, DNAT, LinuxSystem Citadel, DNAT,DSTAR Controllerand Data Repeater Private Gateway DSTAR Controllerand Data Repeater LinuxSystem Citadel, DNAT,Packet DSTAR Controllerand Data Repeater 15. Bus/Sag Drop-off Remote EMT dispatchMain Medical Trailer Trivnet Srvr 802.11gFinish Line Cross AgencyMedical Dispatch + Coordination Center Family Medical Roaming Medical Teams Focus Area MTC Marathon 2011 Finish Line 100 Yards Blue=Amateur Radio Managed Green= ARAdvisory Support 16. MTCM Personal Health Record Project 11/30/09 Cloud PHR System(s) Google Health Microsoft HealthVaultRunners enter health information, authorize race(s)for query www.healthycircles.org platform for scripted runner data entry Medical Tent Admissionsrunner chip scan: NameAddress Age Phone# Race day query- clinic interface Populate medical record form Provide PHR info record to patient care team (MD, RN, EMS, etc) Phase 1: Runner entry script Phase 2: Clinic query/printPhase 3: Clinic update PHR Phase 4: PDA support No local PHI storage www.14567.org Laptop Windows 3G Aircard ChipScanner @ Admissions Desk 17. 2011 MTCM D-StarAll EOCs on D-Star DD Mode All Vans and net controls on D-Star for data AX.25 Packet retired New 84 Mobile Van integrated Finish line 802.11g and 5G data 18. Data/Net Plan for 6/6/2010 Minneapolis Marathon 1.1NY9D@arrl.netRace Course along River Aid stations (6) Yellow Shirt Every mileMedical Tent Finish Line (Guthrie Parking Lot) Family Medical SMES Van Hennepin Van Com Center/SMES: Incident Commander Medical Director Race Director Ham Net One Operator Medical Tactical Radio Course emergency phone Family Medical: 4-5 Hams + Laptops (802.11) Computer access to drop out data Hennepin Van: Ham Net One Control Data Entry/database 802.11gfor Family MedicalTransport coordination NBike Medics 5/3/10 19. Some Projects 12/11

  • Mesh networking - HSMM DD-WRT
  • TwinsLAN 2.0 / 5G Ubiquiti project
  • Investigate digital certificates /callsigns
  • IP Phone Systems (open source) + SIP service
  • New UHF D-Star Repeater USROOT- KC0WLB
  • Washington County Site install soon
  • Thin client replacement

20. Mesh Networking Lab 11/2011 The Linksys WRT-54GL routers run Linux and open source mesh routing code The routers find each other and set up an automatic backbone wireless mesh User station PCs can use theEthernet switch on the routers but cannot directly join the backbone directlyAt an emergency site, these routers can be set out and will form an automatic, self healing network 21. Ubiquiti Inventory 12/11 3X 2X 1X 22. MNSTP MNAUG MPLS-N MNWASH MPLSS MPLSE STPONE D-Star DD ModeDisaster Nodes 100kb no Internet Citadel / trivnetdb Minneapolis Red Cross SMES MNEOC MDH 5G Mesh 802.11a Open WRT Colors Blue- DD Mode Orange 5G Black- both or or ISP MNRAM TwinsLAN 2.0 802.11a Mesh Networking Augsburg is the hubSome D-Star sites may join the backbone 23. KC0WLB B444.325 + 12/18/11 24. Case Study

  • Pandemic Flu or Anthrax
  • Need a vaccination/treatment station in two hours for 20,000 people in a public building
  • Need to track who got vaccinated, adverse reactions and vaccine (SNS) supplies/delivery out of region
  • Massive buzz going on- cell phones overloaded and transportation disrupted

25. Our Response

  • Roll trailer /van
  • Set up a database (Trivnetdb) phone or name number key
  • Set up six laptops at the front desk- sharing a single ID-1
  • Deploy IP phone system (Asterisk) local trunks/VoIP/Fax
  • Use 802.11G (commercial /off the shelf) locally
  • Use community volunteers for data entry
  • Use the Statewide Packet Network /NTS /Airmail to coordinate out of region support
  • Link via Internet or D-Star to central systems
  • Set up a single laptop unconnected for adverse reaction tracking under medical supervision (HIPAA)


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