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Emerson College Undergraduate Viewbook


  • iIMPACTYour Life at Emerson and Beyond


  • ii

    Youve grown up in a 24/7 storytelling culture: bombarded by information, immersed in media, always connected. Youve learned when to tune in and when to tune out. How to filter and how to focus.

    As a result, youre a sponge for stories, in many different forms. Maybe you gravitate to news, opinion, and analysis. Or the visual and performing arts. Perhaps its the measured pace of fiction that appeals to you, the rapid-fire persuasion of advertising, or the emotional punch of a rousing campaign speech.

    Whatever your areas of interest, youre not just a consumer of stories. Youre also a teller of stories. You believe in the power of communication and the arts to stir emotions, shape public opinion, sell products, inform leadership, and inspire people to action.

    Thats how you want to spend your time and energy. And thats why youre drawn to Emerson.



    is Is Who You AreStorytellers All

    Advertising creative director. Animator. Brand manager. Community activist. Educator. Filmmaker. Investigative journalist. Lighting designer. Market researcher. News anchor. Novelist. Poet. Political aide. PR director. Public affairs consultant. Radio host. Reporter. Screenwriter. Sound designer. Stage director. Videographer.

  • 1This Is Where You Belong


    Through our arts and communication programs, Emerson College has taught generations of students how to tell all kinds of stories with clarity, power, and authenticity. Here, youll learn to delve into your own experience, the liberal arts, and the world around you to discover stories worth telling. Youll study the masterpieces of your genre to understand what makes a compelling human narrative. Youll become proficient in using tools and technologies that help you reach your reader, viewer, or listener. And youll develop a unique and confident creative voice that transfixes an audience so they cant turn away.

    Of course, you have to earn a living at this, and here Emerson excels. You gain extensive hands-on experience producing work through classroom projects, internships, and co-curricular activities. You develop close collaborative relationships with your fellow students and professors, and you interact frequently with Emerson alumni, including leaders in your field. All these experiences help to open doors when you enter the professional world.


  • 2The Academic Experience

    BALANCING THEORY AND PRACTICE, HEAD AND HANDSFor more details on Emersons academic programs,

    go to page 18.

    Performing Arts

    Visual and Media Arts

    Writing, Literature and Publishing


    Marketing Communication

    Communication Studies

    Communication Sciences and Disorders



  • 3The Academic Experience

    When youre teaching students to become skilled communicators and creative artists, youd better be a terrific communicator yourself. By design, our faculty memberswho are not only experienced practitioners but also gifted teachersexcel at creating a dynamic, engaging classroom experience. They model the skills and habits students must develop to become successful storytellers: understanding your audience through research and analysis, using the latest tools and technology to capture their attention, conveying information in a memorable way, and tapping the power of collaborative learning.

    Emersons approach to education integrates theory and practice, which continually reinforce each other. In rigorous classroom study, you gain an understanding of the history, theories, and methodologies of your discipline. Starting in your freshman year, youre also immersed in a culture of practice: immediately applying what you have learned by working on projects and productions that grow in significance and sophistication over time. BALANCING

    Your academic program at Emerson brings together three key elements:

    A compelling classroom experience An integrated, collaborative approach to learning A solid foundation in the liberal arts

    Our programs bring nationally known figures to the campus and classroom, allowing you to connect with influential people in your field and benefit from their perspective. And internship placements give you a chance to put it all together in a real-world setting.


    Emerson is unique in encouraging you to interweave the liberal arts and your major courses throughout your undergraduate years, rather than fulfilling one set of requirements and then the other. Ongoing study of literature, history, psychology, and philosophy adds depth and perspective to your role as a storyteller or performer.

    The liberal arts also teach you to think strategically, articulate your beliefs and ideas in a clear manner, and creatively adapt to change. These skills will serve you well in your professional life, where youll be called on to analyze problems and challenges, identify an effective course of action, and persuade others to follow your lead.




  • 5Most Emerson students enter professions where collaboration skills are essential to long-term success. Staging a play, producing a television series, managing corporate communications, or publishing the news: all are inherently collaborative endeavors. Even with seemingly solitary pursuits, such as writing fiction or poetry, individuals must rely on others to critique, edit, publish, promote, and distribute their work.

    At Emerson, collaboration becomes engrained in who you are, how you work, what you value, and why you succeed. Through classroom discussions, workshops, and hands-on projects, you learn what it takes to contribute unselfishly to a common purpose, melding diverse talents and personalities to create extraordinary work that is greater than the sum of the parts. GREATER



    You also explore how technology is creating new possibilities for mass collaboration. Examples include investigative journalism that relies on crowd-sourcing to unearth hard-to-access information, and documentary video projects that simultaneously involve participants in dozens of countrieswith immediate worldwide distribution via YouTube.

    Youll find that the spirit of collaboration extends beyond the classroom to your co-curricular activities, residential life, and Emersons diverse social scene.

    SUM OF



    Tools matter. Equipment matters. Work spaces matter. Just ask a professional athlete, a master carpenter, or an elite musician. Theyll tell you that high-quality tools and surroundings create a positive environment, reduce barriers to creative expression, and allow you to fully develop your craftsmanship.

    Thats why Emerson invests in professional- quality facilities, studio and performance spaces, and production equipment. Throughout your undergraduate years, having ready access to these resources helps you realize your creative vision, both in your classroom studies and co-curricular projects. As you become increasingly adept at using the tools of your trade, you become a better storyteller while at the same time strengthening your marketable skills.


  • 7Facilities and Equipment

    Writing, Literature and Publishing

    A dedicated computer lab with multimedia projection system and specialized printers


    A 25 x 25 studio, including three permanent sets, a chroma wall, robotic high-definition cameras, and a lighting grid

    An all-digital newsroom tool suite with newsroom software, editing workstations, a graphics bank, and web and image design tools

    Marketing Communication

    A focus group room with cameras and microphones to capture group input and a two-way mirror for observation

    Two dedicated computer labs, including the Altshuler Laboratory for Health and Marketing Communication

    Communication Sciences and Disorders

    Pioneering equipment for the audio and video recording and acoustical analysis of speech signals

    The top-ranked Robbins Speech, Language and Hearing Center, where undergraduates do their client observation work

    Communication Studies

    A dedicated practice and performance room for student groups including Forensics and Model U.N.

    Performing Arts

    The multiuse Paramount Center, with the renovated art deco Paramount Mainstage, a 150-seat black box theater, the Bright Family Screening Room, rehearsal studios, a scene shop, and a film sound stage

    Cutler Majestic Theatre, a 1,200-seat proscenium house

    Visual and Media Arts

    Two professional television studios with advanced control room technology and lighting systems, chroma key, infinity wall, and a fully equipped film sound stage

    Digital labs and suites equipped with non-linear editing and post-effects software, film editing tools, and audio production/post-production tools

    Outstanding Facilities





  • 9At Emerson, boundaries are always dissolving, and talents are always converging. Our students dont narrowly define themselves based on their department or major. Instead, they see themselves as creators, producers, doers and theyre always seeking out kindred spirits.

    Nowhere is this more evident than in co-curricular activities,