emig: what you need to maximize potential jonathan s. jones, md faaem facep program director...

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EMIG: What You Need to Maximize Potential Jonathan S. Jones, MD FAAEM FACEP Program Director Assistant Professor Department of Emergency Medicine University of Mississippi Medical Center

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EMIG: What You Need to Maximize PotentialJonathan S. Jones, MD FAAEM FACEPProgram DirectorAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Emergency MedicineUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center

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ObjectivesLearn strategies to increase interest in Emergency MedicineIdentify those students truly interested in EM (as opposed to just interested in free pizza)Successfully recruit the best studentsManage students who are not a good fit for EM

Not-ObjectivesDistribute an exhaustive list of components necessary for a successful EMIGTell you how you should organize your EMIGPretend that our EMIG is perfect

EMIG FundingNo dues!Departmental fundingFundraisersT-shirtsRacesFood

Increase Interest in EMEffort: 2Effectiveness: 5

Evaluated on a multi-cultural, language non-specific, visual-analog, Likert-scale using the polytomous Rasch model

Increase Interest in EMWho is the audienceUndergraduatesM1M2

Increase Interest in EMPre-med students

Increase Interest in EMUndergraduatesIs this too early to start?Very impressionable and excitableMany will not actually attend medical schoolMuch time to rethink specialtyGreat job for a resident

Increase Interest in EMM1/M2Very impressionable and excitableWhat aspects of medicine are coolWilderness, disaster, toxicologyTraumaProceduresRiding in a helicopterForeign bodies

Increase Interest in EMM1/M2Must focus on this groupWhyWhat do M3 students learn?

Increase Interest in EMM1/M2Lectures in regular curriculumICM or equivalentLarge EMIG meetings (invite the whole class)Residents are best ambassadorsVolunteering/shadowing in the EDMust have interested and dedicated faculty/residentsHave a formal systemConsider goals/checklists/recognition/awardsResearch in the EDGet their name on an abstract/manuscript

Increase Interest in EMM3When do students rotate in the ED?Is M3 year appropriate for an EM elective?MaybeAre there other options?BLS/ACLS/PALS/ATLSSimulationOther

Increase Interest in EMM4More appropriate time for a core EM clerkship?The M4 year is not too late to get students interested in EMOther EM related electivesTypical EM Sub-specialtiesBut dont limit the options to theseDont be afraid to step on some toesEKG, ultrasound, research, sports medicine

Increase Interest in EMSocial MediaEffort: 5Effectiveness: 1Not really that usefulToo much out there/overloadWho does this appeal to and would we want that person

Identify those truly interestedEffort: 5Effectiveness: 8

Identify those truly interestedEMIG MembershipBe approachable (free, friendly, and open to everyone) but require a little initiative on their partKeep a list of membersSome events can be open to all medical studentsBut make sure some are exclusive to EMIG membersA reason to commitKeep a role of who attends meetingsConsider recognition

Identify those truly interestedDoes attending meetings or being an EMIG officer mean the student is committed to EM?MaybeDoes spending time in the ED mean the student is committed to EM?Yes

Identify those truly interestedMentors!Dont force anyone to be a mentorThe best mentors may be residentsCreate a list of mentors and their interestsAll students will want to have the PD, CD, Chair as their mentorBe carefulStandardized expectationsFor both mentors and mentees

Recruit the bestEffort: 8Effectiveness: 10

Recruit the bestThe EMIG MeetingNeed separate meetings for M1/2 and M3/4The M3/4 meetings are really for recruiting

Recruit the bestSample EMIG M3/4 meeting scheduleMarch/April: Planning for the M4 year, externships?May: Welcome/going away partyJune: How to be an M4July: Residency application basics and LORsAugust: Personal statementsSeptember/October: Mock interviewsJanuary: Rank list

Recruit the bestAwardsNational, Regional, InstitutionResearchTravelLet them teach

Recruit the bestMost everything used to get students interested is also great to use for recruitingThe most important thing you can do to recruit a great student:

Recruit the bestPersonal attentionWhy should they be interested in us if we aren't interested in themHonesty

What about students you dont wantEffort: 12Effectiveness: 12

Evaluated on the fibromyalgia-acting-up-allergic-to-everything-but-demerol scale

What about students you dont wantAre they not a good fit for EM, or are there other issues involved?Remember what EMIG stands forIdeally we can help all members of EMIG, even those we dont want as residentsIts good for them and for us

What about students you dont wantDemand specificsBe honestA reality check now is better than on match dayShould you interview all of your own students?Should you interview everyone who did an externship with you?

Take Home Point #1EMIG is not just about meetingsDont let EMIG be totally student run Take control of itExpand the scope to include all recruiting effortsClinical experiences, research, curriculum changesBe organized, keep records, track student involvement

Take Home Point #2Start earlyThe earlier the better (and easier)Get residents involved (heavily)Get senior students involvedRemember why you chose EMShock and awe

Take Home Point #3Mentors!Faculty and residentsWill backfire if mentor isnt interested/dedicatedThis is how you keep your best