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Emotionally Disturbed People. By Nicolás de la Guarda, Joaquin Acosta, Franco Yrivarren, And Edmundo Watkin . Emotionally Disturbed People. Age Group Children Adolescents Adults. Children. Reasons Babies that are not breast fed. Separation from parents. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Babies that are not breast fed.Separation from parents.Academic failure and school discipline problems.Parental psychopathology or criminality.The children dont want to talk with their parents.JealousyChildrenReasonsPressure of the friends.JealousyRebelliousness demonstrating bad behavior.Moody behaviour.Adolescents are in a stage of hormonal changes.Genetic diseases (schizophrenia, bipolarity)

AdolescentsReasonsStressful situations (at home, work)BipolaritySchizophreniaJealousyDepression Abuse of drugs AdultsDiseases (schizophrenia, bipolarity)Depression (family or work problems)AlcoholDrugsJealousyStressCommon Causes in adolescents and adults Diseases (bipolarity: double personality, schizophrenia: behaviour)Kill peopleAddictionsObsessionSuicide

Consequences in behaviourIn these institutions there are professionals that work helping EDP. Vctor Larco Herrera, Honorio Delgado-Hideyo Noguchi and Hermilio Valdizan hospitals. National Hospital Edgardo Rebagliati Martins.National Alberto Sabogal Sologuren Hospital. National Hospital Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen.Villa Salud private clinic.Institutes that may help EDPA person can be emotionally disturbed at any age.Teenagers have more risk to feel emotionally disturbed because of physical and emotional changes. We always have to try to understand and control ourselves. We must be aware of changes in physical and emotional state at any age. We all are emotionally disturbed at some point in life. There are different levels and stages of emotional and mental illness, some are more severe than others, (schizophrenia and bipolar depression).Overall ConclusionsAction

Here we are working on the draft of the brochure.Here we are correcting the brochure.Here is our final brochure

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