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Emotive Advertising Charlie Veitch

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Page 1: Emotive Advertising

Emotive Advertising

Charlie Veitch

Page 2: Emotive Advertising

1. Virgin Atlantic

Straight away the song ‘I’m feeling good’ starts to play, this automatically gives a feeling of power and wellbeing. In the frame we saw a small man sliding down a suitcase which resembles James Bond, this makes us feel straight away that if we go to Virgin airlines we may also get a ‘professional’ feeling like this

Page 3: Emotive Advertising

Another emotion that is created from this advert is humour, the man who is wearing a suit goes into the metal detector and has another suit underneath which people will find funny, he also starts dancing which makes the advert even funnier. The metal detectors such as this are a convention of an airport and further link to the theme of Virgin’s holiday business

Page 4: Emotive Advertising

In another scene the pilots are walking down a red carpet which makes people think that if they were to use Virgin Atlantic, they are going to get the same treatment of feeling prestige and popular

Page 5: Emotive Advertising

In this shot air hostesses are flying through the air, imitating planes flying, this portrays that if you go to Virgin Atlantic, because of all of the different previous scenes, you will get all of those emotions which will end up making you feel like a superhero because your treatment was so good

Page 6: Emotive Advertising

This scene is intended to portray the quality of Virgin Atlantic Airline’s food. The scene humours the viewer as seeing men dance around a fork with prawns on top is random and unique and adds even more different emotions to the Virgin Atlantic experience

Page 7: Emotive Advertising

In this scene we see an air hostess tucking a man into bed but he is sleeping on a cloud, this shows us that with Virgin Atlantic you are given excellent customer service and the utilities are designed for comfort, the emotions that are portrayed from this scene are warm, cosy feelings

Page 8: Emotive Advertising

• The slogan at the end of the Virgin advert is shown to us and is ‘your airlines either got it or it hasn’t’. this portrays the idea that Virgin is one of the airlines that have ‘got it’ from all of the different scenes we have been chosen

• in the advert, various feelings are created such as humour, good customer service and good food.

• Feelings: This is advert is a feel good advert as it shows what you can get if you use Virgin

• The song is also very powerful and makes the user feel exciting emotions as it’s called' I'm feeling good’. Some of the staff on the advert such as the dancing men on the metal detector and dancing on the fork represent this idea of feeling good

Page 9: Emotive Advertising

2. Barnardos – Life Story

At first we a man is talking about how his life is at the moment and is saying positive things until he starts talking about his childhood although the main emotions here are positive ones

Page 10: Emotive Advertising

The man has changed into a younger version of himself to help the audience understand the story better, the boy is still mainly positive but starts to show an aggressive side which gives the feelings of uneasiness and worry

Page 11: Emotive Advertising

The boy has become an even younger version of himself and is extremely aggressive, as the audience, we can now tell that the boy has some issues but we aren’t sure yet what the source of his problems are, this character creates the feeling of fear to the audience as his aggressive creates a very uncomfortable atmosphere

Page 12: Emotive Advertising

The character is now a young boy aged about ten, he is still causing trouble but has made a statement “they wont say that again.” which leaves us to wonder if the boy has hurt someone or maybe even killed someone because of his clear anger problems, this again gives the feeling of fear and uneasiness

Page 13: Emotive Advertising

This very young boy of about the age of six now explains the root cause of his anger problems have started from the boy being beaten and he can’t doing anything to stop it, this scene will cause the audience to feel upset and angry as this sort of thing should not be happening

Page 14: Emotive Advertising

The youngest of the characters simply sais “I’m scared” which sets of emotions such as anger and sadness that people like this young boy have to go through these things on a daily basis who do not deserve it but cant do anything to change their situation

I feel this advert is extremely effective as it makes the audience feel like they want to help make a change and they now have the knowledge to stop anything like this, should they witness it happening

Page 15: Emotive Advertising

BMW The story of Joy

In the very first scene of the advert we see an old man driving a car, who has an extremely happy expression on his face and the voice-over explains “Joy is youthful.” which portrays the emotion of feeling happiness from nostalgia as the mans car makes him feel young again from driving the car fast

Page 16: Emotive Advertising

“Joy inspires works of art.” Meaning that creative thinking is caused from the unique design that is BMW cars which inspires people in their building and designs and creates the emotion of realisation that as the human-race, we are capable of extremely advanced pieces of engineering and machinery and BMW cars are a great example of this

Page 17: Emotive Advertising

The voice-over in this scene sais “Joy is collectable.” and the emotion of happiness and joy is created from the boys facial expression which tells us that it feels good to collect things such as this boys BMW car collection but this can also be referred to adults who may collect real BMW cars as it makes them feel happiness and joy

Page 18: Emotive Advertising

This scene shows a BMW convention where everybody goes to share their joy and love of BMW cars and as the voice-over sais “ joy is contagious.” you can tell that people who have a love for BMW cars are vastly growing

I feel the emotions the advert causes are the exact emotions they are talking about; joy, happiness, creativity, etc. The main message of the advert is to say that BMW aren’t just selling cars, they are selling emotions and experiences