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EMPHATIC DO. Olumlu cümlelerde vurgulama ( do / does / did ) She thinks he doesn't love her, but he does love her. He really does!  You do look pretty in that new outfit! Quite stunning ! Are you all right? You do look a bit pale. Do please sit down . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



EMPHATIC DOOlumlu cmlelerde vurgulama ( do / does / did)

She thinks he doesn't love her, but he does love her. He really does!

You do look pretty in thatnew outfit! Quite stunning!

Are you all right? You do look a bit pale. Do please sit down.

I don't see very much of myold friendsnow, but I do still email them.

Was that a joke? I do believe you're teasing me!Nearly every one was away on holiday, but Ididmanage to see Brenda.

I don't play very much sport now, but Ididplay a lot oftennis when I was younger.

I'm so worried at the moment that I don't' sleep well at night, but Ididmanage to sleep for six hours, last night.

PAST CONTINOUS TENSEWAS / WERE + V ingthis time last year, this time last winter, at this hour yesterday, yesterday at 3 oclockGemite bir eylemi, balang ve biti zamann belirtiyorsak e.g. I was working in the garden from 10 a.m to 1 p.m.c) Gemite tamamladmz bir eylem deil de sz edilen zamanda yapmakta olduumuzu anlatrsakWhat were you doing when the fire broke out ?d) know, think, look, seem, sound .. (non-progressive verbs) kullanlmazI already knew the news about him.

e) Gemiteki alkanlklarmz ya da sk sk yaptmz eylemleri Simple Past Tense ile anlatrz.I went to the cinema very often when I was at university.

WHEN - WHILEWhen + Simple Past, Past Continuouse.g. When I saw him, he was trying to learn how to ride a bike.

When + Simple Past, Simple Paste.g. When she finished housework, she had a bath and went to bed.

While + Past Continuous, Simple Past

While I was ironing my shirt, I burnt my finger.(when de kullanlabilir; ancak while daha yaygndr)

While+ Simple Past, Simple Past (while cmlecii, temel cmledeki eylemle ayn anda olan bir eylemi anlatmak iin de kullanlr)The teacher took down notes while I presented my topic.

While + Past Continuous, Past ContinousWhile my husband was watching a match, I was washing the dishes.

While / As / Just As (daha vurgulu)While / As she was going up the stairs, she heard a strange noise.He got bitten by a snake while / as he was walking in the forest.

Some guests arrived just as I was leaving house.Just as we changed our mind and started to walk, the bus arrived.

Always, continually, forever ( srekli tekrarlanan eylemler ve yaknma ifadelerinde kullanlr)You were always exaggerating things when we were at highschool.He was continually looking for a better job.

Formal requests:I was wondering if you could give me a lift ?I was hoping you could give me a hand with the cooking.PLEASE DO EXERCISE 8PRESENT PERFECT TENSEZaman vermiyorsakI have lost my key. He has made an appointment with his boss.

I found my key 2 days ago.He had a meeting with his boss yesterday morning.(zaman zarf kullanmasak da zaman ima ediyorsak Simple Past)She had a lot of fun on holiday. (now she is back)Sonular veya etkileri devam eden eylemler:

Ive dyed my hair. (I have blonde hair now)Shes lost weight. (She is thinner now.

Today, this morning, this week, this month, this year, this century etc.I havent been to the opera this month.They havent had a holiday this year.There have been a lot of demonstrations this week.Lately / recently(son zamanlarda)

Have you taken up any courses recently ?There have been a rise in gold prices lately.

Only recently, quite recently, just recently, very recently = a short time agoHe found a job only recently.I called my parents quite recentlyAlready, yet, justEver, never, all my life, in his life, always, occasionally, often, several times, once, twice, etc.

I have always wanted to live abroad.Shes had driving lessons several times.

*** My father always wanted to have a garden full of trees. (Hes dead now.) When I lived in Germany, I went to Berlin once. (time is given)So far, up to now, up till now, until nowu ana kadar

So far today, so far this month, so far this semester, so far this summer

We havent had any pay rise so far this year.For / sinceShe has been a housewife for 10 years.They have never had a single argument since they got married.

It is / It has been .since + Simple Past / present perfectIt is/has been ages since I last saw you.It is /has been ages since I have seen you.

I last saw you 6 years ago.I havent seen you for 6 years.This is the first, second etc time (that) + present perfectThis is the first time I have gone on a tour to the Black Sea region.This is the second time (that) he has seen a dog, so its normal that he is scared.

This is the fifth glass of tea I have drunk.This is + Superlative (that) + Present PerfectThis is the best film I have ever watched.That is the most distant country I have travelled toGone / beenGoneBeen PRESENT PERFECT CONTINOUSHAS / HAVE + BEEN + V ingFor / since / all day / all week / all year ( gemite balayp, iinde bulunduumuz anda hala devam etmekte olan eylemleri anlatr)I have been teaching English for 20 years.He has been taking photos all week.

Belirtileri devam edenYour hands are dirty. Have you been playing with mud ?Why are your eyes swollen ? I have been crying.Have you been waiting long ? Im exhausted. Ive been running all way back home.

Since / forWhen did you move here ? I moved here last year.

How long have you been working?I have been working for 6 months

Expect, hope, learn, lie, live, look, rain, sleep, sit, snow, stand, stay, study, teach, wait, want, workHow long have you studied for your exam ?How long have you been studying for your exam ?

Geici durumlar iin Present Perfect Continous tercih edilir.My niece has been living with us for 2 years, but she is moving to her own flat next month.Want / wishIve been wanting a sports car all my life.Ive been wishing to visit you in your hometown.

(verbs which do not take ing = Present Perfect

How long have you had this car ?Have you known each other for a long time ?Always, never, sometimes, once, twice, just, already, yet = no present perfect continousPresent Perfect = result (numbers)Present Perfect Continous = time

I have read 20 pages.I have been reading for an hour.

She has knit 2 pairs of socks.She has been knitting for a week.