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The presentation describes one of the possible ways how to get broad picture about employees engagement and job satisfaction.


  • 1. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT SURVEY Company Field Study ReportBSU, MBA, Management and Organizational Behavior Group participants: Andrei Marach, Svetlana Voidel, Arvid Vismont, Anna Rudakova

2. Employee Engagement Wheel2 3. Employee Engagement CommitmentJob content Internal components Business processes Learning and development opportunities Employee EngagementCompensationWorkplace conditionsExternal componentsPsychological climateDirect managementWork and Company prestige3 4. Survey Sample Number of respondents%Psycho-pedagogical group3850,00%Line-management1215,79%Administrative group1114,47%National office1519,74%Total76100,00%4 5. Survey Sample5 6. Survey Sample6 7. Number of respondents PlannedPsycho-pedagogical group38Number of respondents ActualParticipation Rate7,0018,42%1211,0091,67%113,0027,27%158,0053,33%29,0038,16%Line-management Administrative group National office Total 767 8. Answer Distribution8 9. Overall Summary9 10. Overall Result%3 below average TSR* 45% 65%Opportunity Zone 59% Uncertaintly ZoneDestructive Zone0%10Performance Zone100% 11. Recommendations In order to properly address the compensation issue the company management should have a closer look at the benchmark of internal compensation situation and the external salary market. In order to properly address the business process issue the company management should conduct the investigation of the most problematic zones in the major business processes. To do so it is recommended first to conduct the following survey: a. to list all business processes, b. to ask employees to rate every process by such factors as process transparency, process understandability, process logic, process sequence, process description completeness and clarity, process links with other processes and etc. Based on the results gained after the survey action plan should be prepared to improve the most urgent and most important issues.11


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