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Citytech Software Private Limited has developed Paylite Software, specifically for the GCC & the MENA member countries fulfilling their conditions and requirements. Built with the latest Microsoft technologies, it can provide a rule-based and robust interface to manage all HR functions of an organization while being paperless, performing and accomplishing works faster, and eliminating chances of errors in HR works. It's very popular and the top choice across the regions.


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Want full utilization of employees working hours?

Then, let them free from appearing HR executives on petty calls.

Does it perplex you how then theyll apply for leave/loan/air tickets etc.?

Give them Smartphones!

An Android or an iOS based Smartphone will serve their purposes.

Revealed that Paylite HRMS has brought in this solution.

This HRMS Solution is designed for GCC/MENA based organizations.

No matter their location, anytime-anywhere accessibility is embedded into Paylite HRMS.

Employees can forward/check status of their applications.

They dont have to call on HR office personally!

Paylite Employee Self Service System empowers them with these solutions.

is it is aligned with all other HR modules.

Payroll Processing is facilitated for its compatibility with Payroll System.

Employee Self Service System coordinates with Appraisal System.

Apart from these advantages, lots of organizational benefits lie in it.

It can increase work days.

Employees can generate their Salary Certificate, Introduction letter on their HR module.

Expedite processing of various HR formalities.

Expense recovery, approval/disapproval of application, etc. notified on Employee Self Service System.

Those who are keen to improve profitability of their company may contact Paylite HRMS.

Explore Paylite HRMS via www.Paylitehr.comwww.facebook.com/Paylitewww.twitter.com/Paylite

Youre also welcome to our Dubai office.

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