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Employee Training & Employee Development

Employee Training & Employee Development

What is employee training?Present-oriented training that focuses on individuals current jobs.Employee training is a Learning experience : A relatively permanent changeIn employees that improves Job performance.

Employee Training involves changing ;

This may mean changing;What employees knowHow they workOrTheir attitudes toward their jobs, co-workers, managers and the organization.And what to Change and How much to Example: expected work or Change!! Performance!!

Nature of training processBased on;Determination of the organizations need, (goal)the work to be done, and the skills necessary to complete the task

Determining needs for trainingWhen to train !!warning signs: Less production at workLower quality of workMore accidentsHigher rejection rates

Any of these outcomes might suggest that worker skills need to be fine-tuned.Changes imposed on employees as a result of job redesign or a technological breakthrough also require training.

Some rules;Training may be costly, and it should not be viewed as a cure-all for what ails the organization. Rather judge training by its contribution to performance.

Training MethodsOff the jobOn the JobJob rotationApprenticeshipsInternshipsClass room lectures and conferencesMultimedia learningSimulation & vestibule training

On the job methodsJob rotation:Allow employees to work at different jobs and provide exposure to a variety of tasks.Valuable tool to increase employee motivation.

ApprenticeshipInstructions in combination with Working alongside a coach or mentor. Experienced worker provides support and encouragement in addition to training.

InternshipsOpportunities for students to utilize their instructions and training in a chosen profession as part of their education. Real world experience

Off the job methodsClass room lectures

Multimedia learningCan demonstrate practical skills not easily presented by other training methods. This may include videos, and DVDs that may be offered online.

SimulationsInvolve learning a job by actually performing the work in an artificial settings.

Vestibule TrainingFacilitates learning by using the same equipment that one actually will use on the job.

Employee Development

Definition Future oriented and more concerned with education than employee job specific training. It can be called as education process rather than training process. By education, meaning here! To enhance ones ability to understand and interpret knowledge rather than teaching a specific set of motor skills. Development focuses more on employees' personal growth.

HistoricallyEmployee development was reserved for potential management personnel. But with the passage of time it was understood that no managerial employees need to develop these skills as well. So that they can also take part in setting org. goals.

Employee Development Methods


Job rotationMoving employees horizontally or vertically to expand their skills, knowledge or abilities. Vertical rotationPromoting a worker into a new position. (New job) Horizontal rotationShort term transfer. Move to jobs of a similar status.

It can reduce boredom and stimulate the development of new ideas

Assistant to positionsEmployees work under a successful manager, often in different areas of the organization.Working as staff assistant, or in some cases serving on special boards, these individuals perform many duties under the watchful eye of a supportive coach.

Committee AssignmentCommittee Assignments can allow the employee to share in decision making, to learn by watching others, and to investigate specific organizational problems.

Some off job techniques;Lecture courses and seminarsSimulationsAdventure training, ( allow employees to work outside, with some physical and emotional challenges). Mountain climbing or surviving a week on a sailing adventure.