employment law privacy. public sector employees vs private sector employees public sector ...

Download EMPLOYMENT LAW Privacy. Public Sector Employees vs Private Sector Employees Public Sector  Privacy Act of 1974  Exceptions noted on Pg 640-641  NOT

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EPPA Employee Polygraph Protection Act EPPA Federal Law Scope Size Complaint/Violations WI Fair Employment Law (Wis. Stats ) Scope Size Complaint/Violations



  • Public Sector Employees vsPrivate Sector Employees

    Public SectorPrivacy Act of 1974Exceptions noted on Pg 640-641NOT extended to private sector employeesProvides insight and guidelinesPrivate SectorLIMITED privacy protections

  • EPPAEmployee Polygraph Protection ActEPPA Federal LawScopeSizeComplaint/ViolationsWI Fair Employment Law (Wis. Stats. 111.37) ScopeSizeComplaint/Violations


  • FCRAFair Credit Reporting Act(Sections 604, 606 & 615 apply to Employment)Various consumer reportsnot just credit reportAll must comply regardless of sizeRequirements of the employerComplaints/Violations


  • Other Background Checking on your ownDevelop policiesDue diligenceNeeds basedOther laws (i.e., FERPA) may applyCriminal history lawful protectionsArrest v Conviction records


  • Overall testing legalityLegalEmployment Non-Eligibility TestingDrugs and Alcohol, Polygraph, HIVEmployment Eligibility TestingAptitude tests, achievement tests, personality and honesty testing, physical ability


  • Ineligibility Testing:DRUG TESTINGSome industries/jobs are mandated by law to be tested (i.e., transportation employers)Federal Drug Free Workplace Act doesnt apply to private employersUsed as guidance thoughPre-employment v Post-employmentPoliciesConsiderations

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  • Maintaining Records and PrivacyApplication materials(Those not hired)

    Develop a policy to hold secureTitle VII, ADA, ADEA, EPPA Generally- 1 year from date of actionEPPAWhen allowed: results for 3 yearsAny medical related HIPPA , ADA, FMLASeparate from all other

  • Disposal of ReportsMust have a policy of destructionDue diligenceProtect privacy of individuals


  • Computer, voicemail, telephone conversations**

    Video MonitoringLegitimate expectation of privacyIntrusion into seclusion

    Monitoring Employees in the Workplace


  • Key to Avoiding LitigationBusiness _________________Policies________________ the policies________________ policies consistently________________ policies




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