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Join Chuck Frosst and Jon Druker as they discuss upcoming workforce trends and demographic changes, and suggest how to prepare your business for the upcoming human capital evolution. In the 60-minute session, Chuck and Jon answer questions such as: - Who are Millennials and how will they impact your business? - How can your organization get ready for workforce changes? - What are the enablers to engage your new workforce and align it with your business goals? - How can Nakisa’s business solutions improve employee retention and performance? - What are the benefits of running Nakisa’s business solutions?


  • 1. The webinar will begin shortly700+enterprisecustomers4M+subscribersCaters to24+industriesUtilized in125countriesAvailable in18languages@NakisaInc#NakisaMfactorProviding solutionssince 2001Headquartered in CanadaLeader in Human Capitaland Financial ManagementSolutions

2. WebinarEmpowering and engaging millennialswith Nakisas talent solutions#NakisaMfactorThursday, November 20, 2014 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 2 3. Your presentersChuck FrosstChief Operating Officer & HR ProfessionalChuck.Frosst@nakisa.comJon DrukerSenior Product Manager, Talent ManagementJon.Druker@nakisa.com@NakisaInc#NakisaMfactor 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 3 4. Webinar navigationControl panelType your questionshere 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 4 5. AgendaKey workforce trendsGoals and performance management: transition to the new workforceNakisa Goals & PerformanceKey takeaways and recommendationsQ & A 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 5 6. The C-Suites top 3 business prioritiesGrowth at the top of the agenda1. Increasing enterprise growth2. Delivering operational results3. Reducing enterprise costs 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 6 7. What are the underlyingchallenges and why?01020360%concern over newmarket entrants82%of change isineffective1 in 2post-mergerintegrations fail$450bnprice-tag fordisengaged employees93%of talent strategiesneed to change04 05 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 7 8. Key workforce trends 9. Demographic Trends6.3 x 50%Career Independence FreelancersimpatienceManaging generational change and contingent workforce with different perspectives andattitudes towards HR processes is a key challenge 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 9Source: PWC and Mashable88% 72%Millennials Collaborativework culture50% 10. Key Workforce TrendsHalfof employersare already acceptinginternship applicationsfrom Gen ZAre you prepared? 11. Key Workforce TrendsAs many as 63.3%of baby boomers in executiveroles will be eligible forretirement in the next five yearsDo you have goodsuccession planning? 12. Key Workforce Trends71%of Millennialswant their colleagues tobe like second familyHow social isyour company? 13. Key Workforce Trends38%of the workforceis already managed byMillennialsAre you prepared? 14. POLL 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 14 15. Goals and performance managementTransition to the new workforce 16. How do the millennials affectHCM processes and systems?Processes SystemsAlignment of talents skills,energy and effortIncrease the level ofengagementNew disruptive processesfor Goal-setting Performance management Linking business strategiesto employees for greatestimpact Customer-centricityUse and displayaggregated dataAnalytics to track andanticipate talent needsOrganizational data tomodel and verifyeffectiveness 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 16 17. Goals and PerformanceAffecting your talentPast model Problems12345Annual reviewsTime and effortintensiveInfrequentconversationForced ratings andbell curvesNot aligned withthe businessimperativesDoesnt driveemployeeengagementMisalignmentjeopardizesretentionFocuses onhistorical dataConversations nottimelyDoesnt allow forreal-timeadjustments 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 17 18. Goals and Performancemanagement trendsProblems12345Doesnt driveemployeeengagementHR and businessnot alignedFocuses onhistorical dataConversations nottimelyDont allow forreal-timeadjustmentsCurrent modelContinuousconversationsContinuous andtimely feedbackEmployees drivingtheir careerdevelopmentCollaboration andteamworkDirect linkbetweenemployees andbusiness outcomes 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 18 19. Whats needed to connect withmillennials Connect employees to top strategic goals andto other employees Allows for real-time, any-time input fromstakeholders Ensures right talent is working on the rightstrategy Use collaboration and communication tools thatlead to goal transparency and cooperation Increase engagement by giving them directaccess to career development 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 19 20. POLL 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 21 21. Nakisa Goals & Performance 22. Nakisa Goals & PerformanceSolution highlights Goal visibility and transparencytop-down, bottom-up Alignment of the right talent tothe business goals Adapt and modify goals asneeded Real-time collaboration Employees see they have animpact on the organization 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 23 23. Solution demonstration@NakisaInc#NakisaMfactor 24. Key takeaways and recommendations 25. What Nakisa Goals & Performance gives youKey takeawaysLeads to Enables you to haveAligned culture, process andpeopleFocus on strategic outcome-basedgoalsGreater employee engagementGreater employee retentionRight talent is aligned to rightchallengesConversationsAlignment to business outcomesCoaching & developmentCollaborationGoal transparency 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 26 26. Thank you! Questions?Chuck Frosst | Chief Operating Officer | Nakisa Inc.Chuck.Frosst@nakisa.com@NakisaInc#NakisaMfactorJon Druker | Senior Product Manager, Talent Management | Nakisa Inc.Jon.Druker@nakisa.com 27. Next StepsBOOK a personalized productdemonstration: nakisa@nakisa.comCONNECT with us on Twitter,LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, andGoogle+ for the latest news & events.RECEIVE Millenniopedia and theWorkforce 2020 factsheet courtesy ofNakisa for attending this Webinar.WATCH The organizational and talentmanagement demo sneak peeks videoshttp://www.youtube.com/user/Nakisainc?feature=watchVISIT the Nakisa TalentManagement webpage.http://www.nakisa.com/solutions/solutions-overviews/org-management.htm 2014 Nakisa Inc. All rights reserved. #NakisaMfactor 29 28. @NakisaInc#NakisaMfactor700+enterprisecustomers4M+subscribersCaters to24+industries Providing solutionsUtilized in125countriesAvailable in18languagessince 2001Headquartered in CanadaLeader in Human Capitaland FinancialsManagement Solutions


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