empowering people holistically to live independent, sustainable and meaningful lives

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  • Empowering people holistically to live independent, sustainable and meaningful lives.
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  • MES INTRODUCTION MES started 28 years ago in Johannesburg as an outreach project. Developed a holistic development and service model.
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  • MES AS A NATIONAL ORG 2008 MES became a national organization with branches in P E, C T and Kempton Park
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  • STAFF 190 Permanent staff 44 Volunteers
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  • Annual national budget for 2014/15 of R28m The current challenge is to raise the budgeted amount BUDGET
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  • Core Business 1.Poverty alleviation, spiritual and community enrichment 2.Professional health and social work services 3.Education and skills development services
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  • IMPACT 2013/2014 366 children in ECD centers 283 ASP: After School Programs 504 Clients completing vocational skills training
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  • MES RES CARE 1.MES is providing accommodation to the homeless community in the following ways: Overnight shelter- 125 beds
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  • CONTINUE Managed Care: Othandweni- 40 Ekuthuleni- 100 Linatex- 136 Offered support service to clients coming off the streets, who are part of a skills development programme.
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  • CONTINUE Transitional housing- 140 beds, where clients were part of a developmental programme or working but exiting the programme within 12 months
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  • Challenge with EXIT after 12 months The challenge was about the clients that were to exit
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  • CONTINUE MES saw the need to expand their housing solution to include products that would address the need for affordable accommodation to clients earning a combined family income of less than R3500/ month
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  • CONTINUE Due to the scope and financial risk that a new housing organisation would bring to MES, the MES Board decided to structure MHA outside the current MES structure into a separate Not for Profit Company.
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  • STRATEGY MESs sustainable exit strategy was the establishment of Madulammoho Housing Association (MHA)
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  • A formal SLA was established SLA
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  • MES services to MHA MES delivers social work and developmental services to the tenants of MHA, and MHA provides facilities for MES to operate from.
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  • MES SERVICES TO MHA 1.Social workers 2.Skills training 3.Creches (ECD) 4. Meeting space 5. Clothing and Food 6. Recreational facilities
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  • MHA Madulammoho currently manages eight housing projects in Johannesburgs inner city providing homes for over 2,400 low income earners and for MES clients.
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  • MHA has developed a ladder of housing opportunities for different income levels, and this benefits our clients
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  • MADULAMMOHO HOUSING ASSOCATIONS HOUSING MODEL Transitional housing (income R500-R1 200) Shared rooms Shelter (daily income)
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  • HEALTH Amongst MES clients and MHA residents some might need medical attention or might be PLWHIV
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  • IMPILOS HISTORY In 1997 MES opened a container clinic, a small sickbay. A mobile clinic was added to the services that lead to community based health care.
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  • CONTINUE In March 2003 the Department of Housing provided funds to purchase an 82 bed facility in Jeppestown. MES Impilo became a separate programme of MES and the MES Impilo Health Programme started.
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  • MES IMPILO MISSION To deliver a professional primary, community based health -and palliative care service to the homeless and destitute communities that lacks confidence, knowledge and resources in and around Johannesburg
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  • OBJECTIVES Identifying people in residential care and MHA through the mobile clinic, outreaches and assessing their needs in education and support services
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  • CONTINUE Providing campaigns, health, education and workshops on HIV, TB and other chronic illnesses for the general MES community and people in residential care/MHA
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  • CONTINUE Start support groups for PLWHIV and TB A Pastor and Social Worker form part of the health team
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  • CONTINUE Place people living on the street with HIV, TB or any other chronic disease in shelters. Provide food plates or food parcels
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  • CONTINUE Working together with other MES programmes to provide the service of MES Impilo in joint efforts to reach the community.
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  • CONTINUE Networking with other health care providers and referral to relevant services to ensure holistic services to the client.
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  • CONTINUE When necessary apply for an Identification document for a patient. This enables the patient to apply for a social grant. Through this MES Impilo helps to empower people holistically to live independent, sustainable and meaningful lives.
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  • CONTINUE Support and education for the carers of the chronically ill patient Providing on going health education for all staff in the MES organisation
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  • IMPACT 2013/2014 Clients reached through primary health care outreaches : 2011 Clients tested for HIV : 323 Clients tested for TB : 375 Clients admitted to in patient unit and received palliative care : 83 Support Groups : 12


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