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This presentation explores 5 future trends educators simply cannot ignore, and then introduce participants to the idea of using a variety of learning tools to build Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) to empower lifelong, collaborative and reflective learning. Presented at the 'Enhancing Teaching & Learning' Seminar (at USM) on 13th Feb, 2012.


<p>Empowering Personal Learning Environments</p> <p>Empowering Personal Learning Environments</p> <p>HELLO!</p> <p>YEAH!</p> <p>Contents</p> <p>5 Future Trends</p> <p>Social Media &amp; Web 2.0</p> <p>Social Media Revolution?</p> <p>Just in Time Training To You (JiT2U)</p> <p>Mobile Learning</p> <p>A Guide to Implementing Mobile E-learning</p> <p>Social Curation</p> <p>Scoop.it!</p> <p>Summify</p> <p>Openness in Education</p> <p>Open Education Resources (OER)?</p> <p>UDACITY</p> <p>Quora </p> <p>Wolfram Alpha</p> <p>Other Examples</p> <p>Lets Reflect Together!</p> <p>Creative Commons</p> <p>OER Funding Models</p> <p>Besides Funding, We Need to Consider</p> <p>Open Education Gurus?</p> <p>My Open Education Gurus</p> <p>WHAT INSPIRES ME TO SHARE?</p> <p>Where to Start?</p> <p> Personal Learning Environments</p> <p>Personal Learning Environments</p> <p>But, what about the LMS?</p> <p>Moodle is an Airport, Not a Total Solution!</p> <p>Alternatives?</p> <p>PLE</p> <p>Example of a PLE</p> <p>EssentialPLE Tools?</p> <p>The Smart Worker's Guide to Social Media</p> <p>With RSS You Can Create Your Own Online Newspaper</p> <p> Ways RSS is being used:</p> <p>Google Reader</p> <p>Twitter for Learning?</p> <p>Facebook for Learning?</p> <p>Wikis for Learning?</p> <p>Wiki Tools?</p> <p>Blogging</p> <p>Blog is the perfect _______ tool!</p> <p>IMU Students Blogging Project </p> <p>Integrating your PLE?</p> <p>Challenges</p> <p>Technical Challenges </p> <p>Social Challenges </p> <p>Pedagogical Challenges </p> <p>Explore PLE further? The Experts</p> <p>Conclusion</p> <p>Finally, You Might Want To</p> <p>Q&amp;A</p>