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Blogs, Screencasts, and Podcasts: Empowering your Inner Techie PPT Presentation from NACADA Region 8 Pre-Conference in Portland 2012 - Sunday March 18.


  • 1. Search Engine People Blog in Flickr Creative CommonsBecca Schulze University of Oregon

2. Spikewerx via Flickr Creative Commons 3. www.xkcd.com 4. XWebsite X Facebook Blog ?-Limited access -Existing facebook site -Free -Cant add pages addresses all department -Interactive -Cant manipulate page news & events -Artistic control templates -Designed for short posts -Content is searchable & -Not interactive -Posted content is not tagable -Content would be static searchable -*Some* personal blogging experience 5. Getting Started Youll need: A Computer 2-3 hours per week Basic design skills (or a friend/intern) Courage! 6. Be a blog lurker 7. Develop your brand What might you want to blog about? How could you turn this into a brand? (title, image, content) Plan your blogs template Consider a custom header Pre-plan how the pages and tags will be organized Dive in Until you promote the blogs address, few will nd it (if any) Invite colleagues to explore the blog and oer feedback 8. Use it 9. Cross Promote 10. Find a tech ally 11. Dont do this Jeremy Castillo via Flickr Creative Commons 12. Ed Yourdon via Flickr Creative CommonsDisclaimer Mac vs. PC 13. Making a Screencast: Quicktime (Mac only) Jing (downloaded to hard drive) Screencast-o-matic (web-based) ALL FREE! Lets watch one, and then make one! 14. Keep it short Write a script Post a transcript 15. Making a Vodcast: (aka Enhanced Podcast) iMovie (Mac only) Windows Live Movie Maker (PC only) Audacity (making/editing an audio le for Mac or PC) Garage Band (making/editing an audio le for Mac) ALL FREE! Lets watch one, and then make one! 16. Rehearse questions Gather images Collect 2x what you need 17. Assessing Social Media Youtube Facebook Blog 9 videos 211 likes 32 subscribers 1,743 video views 1-3 comments per 13,800 views 6 subscribers week Avg. 22 visits per day Avg. 572 visits per month in 2011/12 18. Assessing Social Media Top searches that lead to the GradeFirstAid blog 19. The Other Kind of Assessment 20. How did you get boss buy-in? - Its free - The time investment is exible - We stole a few lunch hours to make something tangible when we proposed the idea - We lucked out. http://higheredlive.com/academic-advising-acadv/ 21. Questions?