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Empress Dowager Cixi. By Christina Lelon. Early Life. Origins unclear Low ranking Machu family, father named Huizheng Member of blue banner of the eight banners Served in Shaxi prince Commisioner of Anhui Province Born Nov. 29, 1835 LanKueu (Little Orchid) or Yu Lan (Jade Orchid) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Empress Dowager Cixi

Empress Dowager CixiBy Christina Lelon1

Early LifeOrigins unclearLow ranking Machu family, father named HuizhengMember of blue banner of the eight bannersServed in Shaxi princeCommisioner of Anhui ProvinceBorn Nov. 29, 1835LanKueu (Little Orchid) or Yu Lan (Jade Orchid)Relative insists her name was Xinger, and she used Xingzhen during schoolingEither from: Yangtze Region, Changzhi, Shanxi, Suiyuan, Inner Mongolia or BeijingMoved to Beijing somewhere between third and fifteenth birthdayIn September 1851 Cixi became a concubine for the Xianfeng EmperorBecame pregnant and gave birth to the only male heirDeath of Xianfeng EmperorSeptember 1860, Xianfeng Emperor fell into a depression because of the destruction of his Imperial Summer Palace ComplexAugust 22, 1861, Xianfeng Emperor diedChose eight ministers and titled them the Eight Regent Ministers to support his son, who was five years old at the timeAlso gave the Empress and Cixi power, to balance out the power of the Regent Ministers

Xinyou CoupWhile the Emperors body was being transported to Peking, Empress Dowager Cixi plotted to gain power by suggesting she and the Empress become co-reigning Empress DowagersEmpress Cixi caused tension between ministers and the Empress, and gained support from the people, including Prince GongRegents were dismissed from power for having negotiated with barbarians

Regency over Guangxu EmperorIn 1875, Zaitian, the first-born of Cixis sister, became ruler at age four, and Cixi essentially ruled for himIt is thought that Cixipoisioned the Empress, Cian, to gain more powerEven after he officially had power, Cixi made decisions and ruled for himAfter Cixi retired, Zaitian began the Hundred Days Reform, a period in which there was much political, legal and social changeThis began the Boxer Uprising, which was a movement towards traditional Chinese styles of ruleDeathCixi died on November 15, 1908She installed Puyi as the new Emperor the previous day, when the Guangxu Emperor, Zaitian, died due to posioningThe Empress, before she died, was unsatisfied with her tomb and built a new one in 1985, which was large and ornateHer tomb was later robbed in July, 1928, and all the precious jewels and other items were stolen So What?Cixi was important for many different reasonsWoman doing a mans jobOne of the most powerful women ever to come out of ChinaLast true Emperor or Empress of ChinaMany Chinese regard her as the reason the Dynasty fell and the reason other forms of government beganBibliography"Empress Dowager Cixi." May 8 2009. 18 May 2009 . Cixi. Encyclopaedia Britannica. 2009. Ecyclopaedia Britannica Online. 17 May 2009. http://search.eb.com/eb/article-9074044Upshur, Jiu-Hwa Lo. "Cixi." In Ackermann, Marsha E., Michael Schroeder, Janice J. Terry, Jiu-Hwa Lo Upshur, and Mark F. Whitters, eds. Encyclopedia of World History: Age of Revolution and Empire, 1750 to 1900, vol. 4. New York: Facts On File, Inc., 2008. Modern World History Online. Facts On File, Inc.http://www.fofweb.com/activelink2.asp?ItemID=WE53&iPin=WHIV061&SingleRecord=True(accessed May18,2009).