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Chris Vickers Senior BIM Author, NBS Enabling BIM Workflow for Informed and Collaborative Projects

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Chris VickersSenior BIM Author, NBSEnabling BIM Workflow for Informed and Collaborative Projects

A little about me Chris Vickers.Introduction

Senior BIM Author at NBS on the National BIM Library:

Management of the content development teamDevelopment of internal processesManufacturer contract managementNBS BIM Object Standard

Architectural Technologist at FaulknerBrowns Architects, Darlington:

Educational sectorTransition from CAD to BIMOffice standardsInterest in parametric 2D detailing

Senior BIM Author at RIBA EnterprisesManage the content development team who create generic and proprietary BIM objects for the NBS National BIM Library.7 years FaulknerBrownsHeavy involvement with implementing the transition from traditional CAD to BIM within the Darlington Office.


This demonstrates where the NBS services fit into the RIBA plan of works


Product overviewManufacturers: 644, Visitors: 650K+ Manufacturers: 238, Registrations: 25,000 Manufacturers: 545

These are the three main products that the Product Information team work with Stats re visitors are over a 12 month period


Enabling BIM workflow for informed and collaborative projects Agenda:

NBS PluginNational BIM Library websiteNBS BIM Object StandardProduct Data Templates

The session is about demonstrating how the NBS are developing tools and services to Assist designers working in a digital environment


NBS Plug-insPlatformsRevit - Release of v2017ArchiCAD - WIP in collaboration with Vendor

Working in a common design environmentNBS Plug-ins

To date NBS have developed a Revit plugin and ArchiCAD have developed a pluginRevit has had the majority of development due to update in the industry but NBS are currently working with ArchiCAD to develop tools on offer.


Drag-and-drop BIM objectsFully searchable generic and proprietary objects

200 + manufacturers and growing rapidly

NBS specification clauses within all BIM objectsNBS Plug-ins

There are thousands of generic and proprietary objects available from over 200 manufacturers.You can drag and drop these objects straight into your design model.All NBS BIM objects contain references to the equivalent NBS specification clauses.

> Click to play video and prove commentary


Synchronised design guidanceDirect access to guidance according to object selected

NBS guidance includes:Design principlesPerformanceHealth and safetyEnvironmentalContractual issuesNBS Plug-ins

Benefit from direct access to expert NBS guidance.Select an object in the model and the equivalent general guidance page in the NBS guidance displays, with information such as design principles, performance, health and safety, environmental and contractual issues.

> Click to play video and prove commentary


Associate object with clauseLinking BIM objects to specification clauses

One click process

Inclusion of NBS specification properties:NBSReferenceNBSDescriptionNBS Plug-ins

All objects within the design can be linked to the relevant specification clause using the Associate Object with Clause feature.

> Click to play video and prove commentary


Integrating your own BIM objectsAutomatically associate object with clause within the Revit Family Editor

Manual inclusion from the NBS Shared Parameter fileNBS Plug-ins

If a designers office have their own BIM objects, they can add the NBS parameters required to enable integration with the specification.This can be done either by clicking the NBS button within the Autodesk Revit Family editor or manually adding these properties from the NBS shared parameter file.

> Click to play video and prove commentary


Create an outline specificationOne click outline specification generation

Ensures model and spec are ran in parallel

Greater efficiencyNBS Plug-ins

You can create an outline specification from the design model with one click of a button, which provides a specification that is synchronised with your model.By doing this not only does this save you time, it also gives you confidence that your model and your specification are the same.

> Click to play video and prove commentary


Association reportAssociation back to specification document

Interrogates NBS specification clauses within BIM objects

Automatic report generation

Step by step guide to re-associating broken linksNBS Plug-ins

The user may check that all objects are correctly associated with NBS clauses across the project.The report shows the status of all relevant objects and highlights where a clause has been renamed or removed from the specification.You will be guided through the process of fixing these with information such as which user renamed an item and when.

> Click to play video and prove commentary


SummaryDrag-and-drop BIM objects

Synchronised design guidance

Associate object with clause

Integrating your own BIM objects

Create an outline specification

Association reportNBS Plug-ins

Ability to drag objects straight into your modelOn hand guidance notes on object selectionLinkage back to specificationAbility to upgrade your own contentGenerate an outline specification from your modelReport on broken links to spec


Combined IFC generation (beta)Exports property sets from the linked specification

Opportunity to provide feedback on the IFC export processNBS Plug-ins

A chance to preview and feedback on a new IFC export that allows you to combine property sets from the linked specification clauses with the objects in the model. A further function in beta testing is the ability to add information from the specification to the model


NBS National BIM Library

Next we will look at the functions of the National BIM library website and how these functions may improve your workflowGive a brief over view of what the NBL


NBS National BIM Library

My library is the home of what you have starred, downloaded and what has been updated. It is the dashboard to your BIM objects.


NBS National BIM Library

Browse objects on the move, at a design team meetingBuild up starred objects for a project, download when requiredFilter starred objects by keyword, sort and download


NBS National BIM Library

Why have objects been updated?:

NBS may have updated objects to meet BIM object standardManufacturers have updated their products:Impact on geometryImpact on dataManufacturers have updated their company or product nameNBS update objects to reflect changes to specification, classification etc.

We inform you of the changes to let you decide to update or not

> Click displays example changes


NBS National BIM Library

As soon as an object is downloaded from the website it is automatically added to your libraryHistoric list of previous content that has been saved onto a hard drive or used in a projectAbility to order these by date

Mention the development of tagging what you have downloaded or starred


NBS National BIM Library

Ever wonder what data is contained in a BIM object before downloading ?How do you select the correct product?


NBS National BIM Library

The properties and values function will help you.


NBS National BIM Library

Need to contact a manufacturer for more details, use the technical help function


Product comparisonNBS National BIM Library

A feature we have been playing with is product comparisonThis might appear in one or more of our product information services, would this be uesful?


SummaryMy Library

Starred objects



Properties and values

Technical helpNBS National BIM Library

We have covered the main features of the siteSite has been developed to assist in a designers workflow


NBS BIM Object Standard


NBS BIM Object StandardIntroductionAssist in the creation of BIM objects that operate in a Common Data Environment (CDE)

5 sections that define the requirements for BIM objects

Allows for consistent comparison, analysis and sharing of information

The standard is intended for construction professionals, manufacturers and other BIM content developers to assist in the creation of BIM objects that operate in a Common Data EnvironmentThe NBS BIM Object Standard defines requirements for the information, geometry, behaviour and presentation of BIM objects, to give reassurance of quality that will enable greater collaboration and efficient information exchange across the construction industry.By standardising BIM objects, you can consistently use, compare, analyse, and share information to make informed decisions quickly and confidently.

> 5 sections appear on click26

1. General requirementsRules that are easy to understand and apply

Object Categorisation

IFC Object TypeNBS BIM Object Standard

At a basic levels objects should be classified correctly in softwareAllows models to be quickly filtered by a designer

> Example model filtering on click


2. Information requirementsIFC




User definedNBS BIM Object Standard

Duplication with COBie

Properties with child values

Property sets to include within BIM objects.Defined order of selection gives a consistent method in how to select properties that exist across multiple sources.Property naming criteria allows parent/child values to be consistently named

> Example NBS window data on click> Example hierarchy selection and child naming on click


3. Geometry requirementsShape data.

Symbolic data.

Space data.

Surface and material data.NBS BIM Object Standard

Extract from BS 8541-2:2011

Does an object require parametrical controlled geometry or is it fixed?Using symbolic data by define higher levels of detail in accordance to BS 8541-2Minimum or maximum space requirements for accessApplying finishes, hatch patterns, textures etc.

> Example BS 8541- 2 on click> Level of door jamb detail levels on next 3 clicks


4. Functional requirementsConstraints

ConnectivityNBS BIM Object Standard

Manufacturing constraints to restrict object manipulationDoes an object need to connect with other building elements?

> Click for boiler example> Click for connection example> Click for space requirements30

5. Metadata requirementsNaming conventions

FilesBIM ObjectsMaterialsImage/ texture filesNBS BIM Object Standard

Consistent naming conventions across all files

> Before and after MP3 naming example on click31

SummaryGeneral requirements

Information requirements

Geometry requirements

Functional requirements

Meta data requirementsNBS BIM Object Standard

BIM Tools

Providing consistency when scheduling and co-ordinating information.Associate NBS specification properties to allow integration with the NBS Plug-in.A lot of the Plug-in features require NBSReference and NBSDescription to function.


NBS BIM object shared parameters for RevitProviding consistency with data

Allow integration with the NBS Plug-inBIM Tools

Providing consistency when scheduling and co-ordinating information.Associate NBS specification properties to allow integration with the NBS Plug-in.A lot of the Plug-in features require NBSReference and NBSDescription to function.


NBS templates for RevitFamily and project templates

Improved efficiency

Aids in implementation of consistent structured data across a projectBIM Tools

The templates can be used to streamline the adoption of the NBS BIM Object Standard by eliminating the need to load each shared parameter individually, and manually sort the property into the correct group.When used alongside the NBS shared parameter file the templates will provide consistent data standards and parameter GUIDs across your BIM projectDownload the zip file containing the set of templates and save them to your templates folder for the next time you create a Revit family or start a new project.35

ArchiCAD toolGraphisoft have developed a new ARCHICAD add-on that simplifies and streamlines custom GDL-based library parts.

Data can be added to these objects in line with the NBS BIM Object Standard.BIM Tools

Archicad tool makes creating components easyAdding data is quick and simple based upon filling out a spread sheetNBS have assisted Archicad in this development


What are product data templates?A product data template is simply a form that contains standardised headings against which manufacturers product information is placed. There is a different template for each type of product.Product Data Templates

> 5700 Templates

Product Data Templates

PDTs are available from the BIMToolkitSearch the site and download as required38

Product Data Templates

An example of a pdt to be completed by a manufacturer. This promotes manufacturers presenting structured dataThe manufacturer can then upload this completed document to riba Product Selector


Customer feedbackTo deliver a successful products we require customer feedback.

We are looking to involve our customers in research and development.

We would like feedback and ideas on the products and services we offer the industry.

Would you like to contribute?

Thanks for listening, any questions?Chris VickersSenior BIM Author, NBS chrisvickers1