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  • 1. Entrepreneurship Educators Associationof the Philippines, Inc. ENEDA: A Decade of Journey! ENEDA

2. ENEDA had Prof. Amelia Balan from CEUas its first ever President.The organization was then under thestewardship of ASPEN.ENEDA: A Decade of Journey!ENEDA 3. When was ENEDA officially registered with SEC?In 2002, the following incorporators decided to formally register the organization with SEC: 1. Antonio R. Arevalo8. Jonathan Nipaz 2. Gerald Cadlum 9. Dr. Jennifer Ramos 3. Dr. Cesar Eustaquio 10.Teresita Religioso 4. Dr. Narciso N. Garciso11.Emma Santos 5. Grace Garciso 12.Carmencita L. Sobremesana 6. Edwin J. Loma 13.Marcelius B. Tagao 7. Raem MendozaENEDA: A Decade of Journey!ENEDA 4. 1st National Conference 2002-2003 (SEC Registered)Prof. ANTONIO R. AREVALO St. Scholasticas College, ManilaTheme: Breaking Barriers, Breaching BoundariesDate : April 10-12, 2003Venue : Hotel Veniz, Baguio CityENEDA: A Decade of Journey!ENEDA 5. 2nd National Conference 2003-2004 (No Election) Prof. ANTONIO R. AREVALOSt. Scholasticas College, ManilaTheme: Surging Thru Barriers and Boundaries TowardsGlobalizationDate : April 1-3, 2004Venue : Fontana Resort, Clark PampangaENEDA: A Decade of Journey!ENEDA 6. 3rd National Conference 2004-2005Dr. GLORIA S. CHAVEZDe La Salle University-ManilaTheme: Challenges and Opportunities of Networking with Global EntrepreneursDate : February 10-12, 2005Venue: DAP, Tagaytay CityENEDA: A Decade of Journey!ENEDA 7. 4th National Conference2005-2006 Dean DANNY A. CABULAY Far Eastern UniversityDate: March 2, 2006Venue: Every Nation Building, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.ENEDA: A Decade of Journey!ENEDA 8. 5th National Conference 2006-2007 (No election)Dean DANNY A. CABULAYFar Eastern University Theme: Start, Dream, Excel Date : March 2, 2007 Venue : Tagaytay International Convention CenterENEDA: A Decade of Journey!ENEDA 9. 6th National Conference2006-2007Dr. ALICE T. VALERIODe La Salle University-Dasmarinas Theme: Sustainable Development ThroughEntrepreneurship Education Date : Feb. 27-March 1, 2008 Venue: Queens Resort, Boracay IslandENEDA: A Decade of Journey!ENEDA 10. 7th National Conference2008-2009 Dr. ANTONIO M. LOPEZMiriam College Theme: Building Capacity and Competence in Entrepreneurship Education: A Convergence Date : February 26-28, 2009 Venue: Bohol Plaza Resort, Panglao, BoholENEDA: A Decade of Journey!ENEDA 11. 8th National Conference2009-2010Prof. JAYME C. IGNACIO University of the East-Manila Theme: "Challenges in the Face of Entrepreneurship Education" Date : February 26-March 1, 2010 Venue: Skylight Hotel, Puerto Princesa, PalawanENEDA: A Decade of Journey!ENEDA 12. 9th National Conference 2010-2011 Dr. EDWIN P. BERNALAteneo de Naga UniversityTheme: Sustaining the drive for relevant entrepreneurshipEducation"Date : Feb. 24-26, 2011Venue : Royal Mandaya Hotel, Davao CityENEDA: A Decade of Journey!ENEDA 13. 10th National Conference 2011-2012 Ms. Marilou Gatchalian Miriam CollegeTheme: The Future is Bright!"Date : Feb. 24 - 26, 2011Venue : Bayleaf Hotel, Intramuros, ManilaENEDA: A Decade of Journey!ENEDA