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    From Wang Kentang and Wu Mianxue, The Compendium of TraditionalDiagnosis (Gu Jin Yitong Zhengmai Quanshu), 1601:

    The stomach is called the sea of grain and water; everthing isassimilated here! The s"leen is in charge of trans"ortation;everthing is moved # its wor$ings! %#sor#ing and moving:these are the essential actions which define the s"leen&stomachnetwor$ as the main source of the life'sustaining "ostnatalenerg!

    From (i )hong*i, A Primer of Medical Objectives (Yizong Bidu), 16+:

    What ma$es the s"leen the source of "ostnatal energ- .nce achild has #een #orn, it will feel hungr after one da without food,and it will die after seven das without food! .nce we haveentered the realm of the "hsical #od, therefore, we have to #enourished # /i that is derived from food gu qi! .nce the foodenters the stomach, it is trans"orted to the six fu organs, and thusthere will #e /i! 2t will #e a""ro"riatel dis"ensed to the five *angorgans, and thus there will #e #lood! 3uman #eings must rel onthis t"e of nourishment in order to sta alive! 2t is for this reasonthat the s"leen is called the source of "ostnatal energ!

    From 4heng Wenou, Quotes from Medicine (Yishu), 156:

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    7e aware that the s"leen networ$ cannot #e com"ared to asstem of mills or mortars that grind or "ound awa on theincoming food! 8ather, the s"leen9s a#ilit to transform food anddrin$ "rimaril de"ends on its suctioning affect: "reventing thefood from falling down ver food item entering the stomach

    consists of #oth a /i com"onent and a material com"onent! Thematerial com"onent of the food naturall sin$s downwards, whileits /i com"onent naturall rises u"wards! .nce in the stomach,the food gets ?:

    The stomach is called the sea of grain and water! .nce foodenters the stomach, its essential energ is moved u"wards toinfuse first the s"leen and then the lung! 2n this fashion, thecommand of s"ring and summer is #eing carried out, and theentire #od receives nourishment! This is due to the influence ofclear heavenl /i!

    .nce the ascending motion has reached its climax, this currentshifts directions and flows downwards toward the #ladder! 2n thisfashion, the command of autumn and winter is #eing carried out,and the waste #ecomes "rocessed and the flavors will manifest!This is due to the influence of tur#id earth /i!

    2f we then regulate our dail lives # ad@usting them to the

    "revailing energ of the seasons, if we avoid ex"osure toextreme cold and extreme heat, if we eat and drin$ in regularintervals, if we "rotect our shen # avoiding states of extremeanger or extreme ecstas, and if we strive for #alance # living inmoderation during all four seasons, there will #e "eace!.therwise, the s"leen and stomach will suffer harm, and our true/i will lea$ downward in tric$les or currents Ai!e!, diarrheaB, withthe "ossi#ilit of failing to rise again! This, then, would #e li$ehaving autumn and winter #ut no s"ring and summer, and a

    situation would arise in which the functions of #irth and growthare muffled # the /i of death and extinction! Caturall, all $indsof diseases would arise from such a situation! %t the same time it

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    is without /uestion that if there was onl rising and nodescending momentum within the #od there would #e disease!

    From Du 4hang, The tatutes of Medicine (Yimen Fal), 16E5:

    7oth the zang and the fu organ networ$s de"end "rimaril on the

    s"leen and the stomach! %ll food we eat enters the stomach andis then trans"orted # the s"leen, @ust li$e the dirt on earth Aisdistri#uted # wind and water to nourish all life formsB! 2t should#e "ointed out, however, that the s"leen&stomach9s ca"a#ilit oftransforming the food is actuall de"endent on the two essential/ualities of fire and water! The s"leen and stomach cannot dothis # themselves! When fire is in a state of excess, the s"leenand stomach will #e dr; when water is in a state of excess, thes"leen and stomach will #e dam"! ither situation will cause the

    hundred diseases to arise!

    From Dang i*hou, The !reat Compendium of Acupuncture andMo"ibustion (Zhenjiu Dacheng), ca! 1E?0; listed in the s"leen channelsection as a /uote from an older =aoist source, The Original Classic of!uiding the #reath (Daoyin Benjing) :

    The s"leen is situated at the center of the five organ networ$s!Therefore, it is assigned to no "articular season #ut flourishesduring all four seasons! 2t contains and fosters the five flavors, it

    #rings a#out the five mental faculties, and it moves the fourextremities and the one hundred marrows!

    %s soon as there is irregular inta$e of food and drin$ oroverexertion of an $ind, the s"leen /i will #e harmed! %s soonas the s"leen and stomach suffer damage, food and drin$stagnate and do not transform: the mouth loses its a#ilit todistinguish flavors, the extremities feel lim" and tired, discomfortand distention is felt in the stomach and a#dominal regions,sm"toms of vomiting and diarrhea a""ear, and there ma #e

    dsenter or a host of other sm"toms which have #een s"ecifiedin the Cei@ing and other #oo$s, and which can #e loo$ed u" there!

    2f we therefore force ourselves to eat when we are not hungr,the s"leen will suffer! 2f we force ourselves to drin$ when we arenot thirst, the stomach will #loat! 2f we eat #eond ca"acit, thevessels in which the /i circulates will #ecome o#structed, and the#od9s center stomach region will #ecome @ammed and shut off!2f we eat too little, on the other hand, the #od will #ecomeemaciated, the stomach will grow anxious, and our thoughts will

    #ecome unstead! 2f we eat contaminated food, the heart9s a#ilitto differentiate will #ecome #lurred, and we will grow more andmore restless! 2f we eat things that we should not eat, the four

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    great u"heavals will occur and #ring along disease! Cone ofthese t"es of #ehavior re"resents the wa of good health!

    Therefore, it is most im"ortant to consume our food at thea""ro"riate time, to drin$ our fluids in regular intervals, and toavoid #oth overeating and hunger "ains! 2f we eat and drin$

    according to these sim"le guidelines, then not onl thes"leen&stomach networ$ itself will remain uns"oiled and function"erfectl, #ut also the five *ang and the six fu organ networ$s willall #e in a harmonious state of health!

    %fter food and drin$ enter the mouth, the "ass through thee"igastric region into the stomach! From the stomach, theimmaterial flavors contained in the food "enetrate the five organs,whereas the material com"onents enter the small intestine wherethe are further transformed! When the reach the lower o"eningof the small intestine, the first stage of the "rocess of se"aratingclear and mur$ materials occurs! Mur$ materials are the waste,to #e "assed on to the large intestine! The clear materials are thesource of all #odil fluids; the enter the #ladder which is calledthe store house of fluids! 2n the #ladder, once again a se"arationof "ure and mur$ materials ta$es "lace! The mur$ de#ris goesinto the urine to #e excreted, while the clear material enters thegall#ladder! The gall#ladder, finall, guides this "urified fluidessence to the s"leen which dis"enses it to the five organ

    networ$s; the, in turn, utili*e it to "roduce digestive saliva,nourishing saliva, nasal discharge, tears, and sweat! The flavors,meanwhile, "enetrate the five organs and transform into the fivet"es of essential dew, which return to the s"leen where the aretransformed into #lood! 2n the form of nourishing #lood, finall,the are returned to the organs!

    The 4lassic states:

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    The "erson who maintains the outside indulges in da**lingflavors and luxuriant culinar delights; al#eit at first glance the#od of such a "erson ma a""ear strong and sturd, a fierceverminous /i is corroding the zang and fu organs inside!

    The stomach is in charge of receiving food and drin$ via the mouth andeso"hagus, containing them, and finall fermenting them! The stomach istherefore called the

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    of the stomach9s downward momentum, generall referred to as

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    The s"leen, among other things, is in charge of transforming

    dam"ness! The character "i s"leen reflects the s"leen9s li$eness to alow'altitude field! (i$e the earth at the #ottom of a valle, the s"leen has atendenc to #ecome dam", and is thus $nown as

  • 8/13/2019 Energia Splinei


    swelling, tooth aches, or severe hemorrhaging ma #e the result of astomach excess heat, drness condition! Gtructural "athologies in the oralcavit including tongue sha"e and tongue coating and unusual tastesensations in the mouth or lac$ thereof are almost alwas indicative ofs"leen&stomach distur#ances!

    The mental "rocesses of thin$ing and remem#ering are considered to #e"art of the "hsiological activit of the s"leen! % "erson with a "oordigestive sstem usuall cannot thin$ clearl! This is #ecause clear angenerg fails to rise u" to the heart and #rain, or #ecause of accumulatingdam"ness clouding the orifices! %s alwas, this relationshi" also wor$s theother wa around: if a "erson thin$s or worries too much, this can easil

    lead to digestive sm"toms such as "oor a""etite, diarrhea, orconsti"ation!

    The pleen*tomach 's +nable to Absorb, Transform, and Transport-2f stomach /i #ecomes in@ured, the stomach loses its a#ilit to contain food,and the "erson will exhi#it sm"toms of aversion to food or drin$, nauseaand vomiting, hiccu"ing, or fre/uent #elching! 2f the s"leen loses its a#ilitto transform and trans"ort the essence of food, a#dominal distention, loose

    stools or diarrhea,

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