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  • EnerTech Environmental, Inc.

    Converting Biosolids to a Usable Fuel: The Emerging Technology of Biosolids Carbonization The Rialto Regional Biosolids Facility

    Presentation to CIWMBMay 12, 2005

  • Todays AgendaSlurryCarbTM Process OverviewSlurryCarbTM FacilitiesProcess PerformanceUtilization of E-FuelThe Rialto Regional FacilityAdvantages for the Region

  • SlurryCarbTM Process Overview

  • Current SlurryCarb FacilitiesRendering of Regional Facility PlantMitsubishi PlantProcess Development Unit (PDU)

  • Process Performance

    Viscosity of biosolids 30% biosolids pumpableReaction time less than 12 minutesReacted product dewatered to greater than 50% solidsProduced 6,500 Btu/lb E-Fuel using digested biosolidsPellet form preferred by market at 90% dryCombustion characteristics similar to coal and an excellent feedstock for the cement industryNo residual remains at the end of the process

  • SlurryCarb Performance vs. Drying Drying SlurryCarbAssume 100 wet tons per day @ 20% solids100 wet tons80 H2O20 Solids100 wet tons80 H2O20 Solids80 H2O20 [email protected] 1000 Btu/lb= 160,000,000 Btus94 reacted tons80 H2O14 SolidsDewateringStep 5 ofProcess66 H2OPelletizingPortionSlurryCarb @ 175 Btu/lb = 28,000,000 BtusPelletization @1,000 Btu/lb = 28,000,000 Btus 56,000,000 BtusEnergyEnergy14 Solids

    14 H2OSlurryCarb Utilizes 65% less energy than drying

  • Utilization of E-FuelThe final product (a renewable fuel) reduces the volume of 20% biosolids by 84%

    Product fuel has ~6,500 Btu/lb (as pellet) and the economic value of lignite coal

    Fuel can be utilized in multiple scenarios: cement kiln gasifier pulverized coal boiler fluid bed waste boiler - other boilers incinerator in the process heater for internal energy needs

  • The Rialto Regional Biosolids Facility Current StakeholdersInclude four Municipalities

    60% Capacity Filledfor Local Cement Kiln~110 tonsE-FuelRenewable E-Fuelto Cement Kiln625 WTPD of Biosolids from the Region:

  • The SiteSanta Ana Ave.

    Rialto WWTP

    EnerTech 6.2 acre site

    Footprintof Regional Facility

  • Project LocationI 10Railroad YardRiverside Ave.Tank FarmCalif. Portland CementSanta Ana Ave.Holiday RockRialto WWTPRegional FacilityYeager LandfillAqua Mansa RdDuck FarmsSanta Ana River

  • California Project StatusFinding Stakeholders - biosolids commitmentsEIR complete; air permit doneFuel Users Located back-up includedPartners SecuredFinancing Structure (CPCFA and equity)Engineering has begunBegin operations in 3rd Q 2006

  • California Project EconomicsLong-term, predictable costAvoided capital cost for digesters, dewatering, and/or dryersReduced chemical costsReduced operating costsReclaim land utilized for disposal issuesReduced trucking costs with regional facilityReduced energy costs

  • The Project Team

  • EnerTech Environmental, Inc.675 Seminole Ave, Suite 207Atlanta, GA 30307-1479

    phone: (404) 355-3390fax: (404) 355-3292e-mail: [email protected]: www.enertech.com