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  • 2. SMELL
  • 3. Have you ever noticed the smell of freshly brewed coffee in shopping streets?
  • 4. Would a new car be as exciting without that 'new car' smell? Would you be very disappointed if we told you that the 'new car' smell is artificial? I dont think so. All automobile manufacturers have specialists who make sure a new car smells just right.
  • 5. Did you know that supermarkets distribute the sense of freshly baked bread in their bake-off departments?
  • 6. Have you already tried chocolate sniffing?
  • 7. Did you know that the smell of oranges can have a positive effect on the mood of people in a disco? The smell of oranges turns the visitors happy and relaxed, they stay longer and consume more.
  • 8. TOUCH
  • 9. Have you been working with smart boards?
  • 10. Do you know that mobile producers spend a lot of research to find out the right weight for a new mobile? The average weight of a cell phone is between 200 grams and 800 grams otherwise it's too heavy or light!
  • 11. Did you know that lots of effort is spent on making the right feeling of keys on a piano or laptop keyboard.
  • 12. SOUND
  • 13. Research proves that ads with music that fits the brand are 96% more likely to be remembered than those with non-fit music.
  • 14. AT&T found out that when you put on silent hold nearly 60% of all callers hang up.
  • 15. According to Lindstrom 74% of Europeans recognize the Nokia ring tone and associate the tone with the brand.
  • 16. When Porsche switched from an air-cooled engine to a water-cooled one, they received a tremendous number of complaints. What was the matter? The familiar Porsche sound had disappeared. Porsche moved heaven and earth to develop a new exhaust system whose sound was as close to the old, familiar one as possible.


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