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  • 1. How can I do when I want to be a nice person that everyone loves and want to be with?

2. 1. You have to make yourself approachable. People do pay attention to those with power to reward or punish them. But people enjoy being around those who are likeable and humble. 3. 2. You should have expression empathy. You have to know and understand their situation. In stead of asking people the age-old question. 4. 3. You have to take care of someone's personal space. No matter how much people like you , they don't want to share their toothbrush with you. 5. They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.Carl W. Buechner 6. Rudeness which often stems from arrogance, runs rampant in our culture. But people 7. How I should behave or not behave while having a meal with her business's colleagues? PUI 8. 1. Make sure you're comfortable in such social settings and understand rules of etiquette in business. -Timing and appropriate business's topic -Appropriate dress -Who arrives first ? -Who pays ? -It's a little thing done right that shout 'class' 9. dinning etiquette rules..